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EYFS/ Y1 teachers - PPE question.

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Grasspigeons Mon 11-May-20 09:30:27

I work in an infant school office and do the ordering. Obviously i have orderd more cleaning solutions, cloths, upped the cleaning schedule including it being electrostatic cleaned and thats all set up now. Ive always bought gloves and aprons for first aid and personal care.
I dont know about face masks. I looked at the WHO guidelines which made me feel that they werent necessary except perhaps if you are a 1:1 of a child with symptoms or helping a child after an accident. It seemed they had to be changed regularly and there was a special way to change them so you didnt contaminate yourself Do you think you would be more reassured having them available. (Only asking because my HT said 'what are other schools doing')

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BertNErnie Mon 11-May-20 09:40:12

No not really because 4/5 year olds cough and splutter all over the place in general so unless we wear visors and hazmat suits all day, we will probably catch whatever they may be carrying in the classroom.

Gloves and aprons for intimate care as normal are fine but I wouldn't feel reassured wearing a mask for the reasons mentioned above. Some might though so I think it's a good idea to have them available for those who want to wear them.

ShiningTor Mon 11-May-20 09:45:40

I agree with @BertNErnie

Grasspigeons Mon 11-May-20 09:54:05

Thank you. Maybe i will buy a box for each classroom and print of the WHO instructions so they are there if people want them. Perhaps visors would be good?

( I am aware what 4/5 year olds are like! My office is the sick bay and im the main first aider and i help a lot of children change after a toilet accidents).
I just want to do my best for the teachers where i work.

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Wait4nothing Mon 11-May-20 09:56:55

If children aren’t socially distancing from each other and from staff (which in reception and year 1 I think it wouldn’t be right to expect that) I would want ppe to protect myself and my family. I think you’ll need to look at the guidance to businesses and follow that advice regarding ppe. So if a business can’t socially distance - what measures need to be implemented.

LostInTheSkatePark Mon 11-May-20 11:18:42

Our Head T spoke to our old school nurse who now has a higher lead role in the LA regarding potential returns to school as we are an sen school.

The key thing she talked about was the handwashing and getting the soap to really froth up, washing your face if sneezed or spat on, so possibly take your own towel and soap in for that and staff changing clothes when they got home.

The point of face masks is to reduce spread if you yourself are ill. Unfortunately We can't make the children wear them so rigorous cleaning and washing is going to be the thing that protects staff.

I suppose visors could offer some protection but I don't know if that's what any other schools will be doing. You risk relaxing on the cleaning if relying on face masks.

Whole thing is really tough sad

Grasspigeons Mon 11-May-20 11:22:38

LostInTheSkatePark - thats useful advice. I might call our school nursing team. I hadnt thought of thst. We were setting up the flu immunisation dates last week anyway. I wonder if the rising 5 checks will go ahead

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