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Y2 maths question

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Bundlebuns Sun 10-May-20 17:42:49

I've posted in the staffroom before and found you all very helpful so hope you don't mind me asking a Y2 maths question. It's taken from the Maths - No Problem workbook, which school have sent home to complete during lockdown. How does a year 2 solve this? Thank you

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Frlrlrubert Sun 10-May-20 18:04:40

Logic I think.

Tail = body + head

Tail is 16cm longer than body

Tail = body + 16

So head is 16cm

The head is 10cm shorter than the body

So body is 26cm

Tail = body + head

So tail is 16 + 26

Tail is 42cm

Total = 16 + 26 + 42 = 84cm

That seems tricky for y2, but I'm a secondary teacher so not my area!

PhoebeFriends Sun 10-May-20 18:05:52

Hi, if you YouTube white rose maths how long is the baby crocodile there is a step by step explanation

Bundlebuns Sun 10-May-20 20:50:35

Thank you! smile

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mangomama91 Sun 10-May-20 23:49:50

Was also going to suggest the white rose maths to explain this smile

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