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Applying for a catholic school?

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worried23xxx Thu 30-Apr-20 15:54:21

The application form is asking for my baptism and certificate and baptism date. Unfortunately I wasn't christened as a child and obviously that looks bad.

Is there any point in me applying?

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olivo Thu 30-Apr-20 15:59:24

Email them to explain and ask if you should continue with your application?

ReluctantHillCrester Thu 30-Apr-20 16:08:20

I was baptised at a few weeks old in a Catholic church, not my choice. You actively chose to be baptised into the Catholic faith.

How long ago were you baptised? Are you worried it looks like you were baptised to get your child into a Catholic school?

elephantoverthehill Thu 30-Apr-20 16:11:51

I worked in a Catholic sixth form college may moons ago, I had provide 3 references, so I asked my best friend's Dad, who was a Deacon of the local Baptist church to write the 3rd reference. He told me he would write that I had never used contraception. grin. Anyway as part of my application I wrote that although I was not a practicing Christian I would fully support the ethos of the college. It seemed to do the trick. Good luck.

Frankincense88 Thu 30-Apr-20 16:19:44

Apply anyway! I teach in a Catholic school and I'm not Catholic. They asked me in my interview now I would embrace the religious ethos and I got the job.

worried23xxx Thu 30-Apr-20 16:49:53

@ReluctantHillCrester Hi, its not for my child, I'm applying for a job there sorry should've made that a bit clearer and I wasn't baptised.

@elephantoverthehill Haha that is great! Thankyou.

@Frankincense88 Great thankyou I thought as long as I say I will support the ethos it should still be okay.

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Sewingbea Thu 30-Apr-20 17:03:35

I taught in a Catholic school years ago. I'm an Anglican - weekly church attender in normal times- and that was fine. I think it's more about being in sympathy with the ethos.

ReluctantHillCrester Thu 30-Apr-20 17:07:06

@worried23xxx oops sorry, I thought maybe you were posting in staffroom to find out from staff about policy for admissions blush

I like to think that in the role of teacher you tow the company line. My friend is Muslim and works as a TA in a C of E school, she is often asked about her religion as she covers her hair and KS2 kids ask a lot of questions! So she talks about her own beliefs but is open about them being her beliefs, she often then backs that up with Christians believe...

Her faith is obviously not C of E due to the hair covering but it isn't like the other teachers wear a badge saying I'm a Pagan!

Good luck in your application.

ElizabethMainwaring Sat 02-May-20 06:34:49

Hi. I teach in a Catholic school and I'm not Catholic. It was hardly raised at interview.
The form is probably generic. At my school you have to be Catholic to be SLT and head of RS, but otherwise it doesn't matter.

Pud2 Tue 05-May-20 19:10:02

They can’t ask for that and nor can they insist a teacher is a Catholic. That would be discrimination. They can expect any applicant to be sympathetic to the faith though and there would likely be an expectation that you teach RE, go to Mass etc.

Barbie222 Tue 05-May-20 19:22:13

If it's for a leadership role, it is often part of the job description. I worked at a fantastic Catholic primary but had to leave as I couldn't see any way of applying for a leadership role not being Catholic.

Pud2 Tue 05-May-20 21:33:43

It is generally only the head and second in command that need to be Catholic.

Howaboutanewname Wed 06-May-20 10:23:44

I worked in a Catholic school as an atheist for years and really loved it. If you think logically, a school wants to employ the best teacher they can. Some great teachers also happen to be Catholic. Some great teachers are not Catholic. No schools wants a reputation of employing second rate teachers because they happened to be Catholic. You will have to answer questions at interview about promoting and upholding the ethos.

Elsa8 Thu 07-May-20 10:27:02

I worked in a Catholic school and loved it. They’re far more interested in hiring a good teacher, as long as you have an understanding of the ethos and can explain how you could uphold it (generally by being a good role model and decent human being!) it’s definitely worth applying!

worried23xxx Thu 07-May-20 11:19:36

Thankyou everyone, in terms of upholding it I would say that I would attend daily prayer and mass as they do that in the school and instil the key moral principles like forgiveness etc in the classroom would that be okay?

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olivo Thu 07-May-20 13:31:12

I've just seen this again. I also work in a Catholic school, I am not Catholic, I'm C o E. I didn't mention on application ( it wasn't asked) and at interview, I raised it myself and said about upholding the the values of the faith and school. I go to school masses with the students, we do prayers in tutor time and I support whatever else. Never a problem and there are many of us among the staff who are not Catholic but appreciate and help develop the values.

Good luck!

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