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Furloughed teacher on long term supply; wages significantly decreased due to previous TA work

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ThisMustBeMyDream Mon 20-Apr-20 13:34:19

Aplogies for the long title.

I am wondering if anyone can offer my boyfriend any advice. He is an NQT, he signed up to agencies in September as he hadn't got a permanent post after qualifying. There was no supply in September. The week before October half term he was finally offered 1 days supply as a TA. From then until the christmas holidays he had odd days here and there as a TA and earned £700 over the 2 month period. He did this to try and get known at schools for a teaching job. This was successful, and in December he was offered a long term supply post as a teacher starting in January to cover mat leave. He was told they would put him through his NQT year. He was to be initially paid weekly through the agency until 11th May, whereby he would be on a contract with the school and paid a monthly salary through them.

Now we have covid-19.... he has today been told he has been furloughed. There are several issues within this. Firstly, he was due to do his week in school this week. He had a message to say not to come in last night as there were no keyworker children due to attend. This was 24 hours after he had hired a car at a cost of £100 to get him there as there was no public transport.

Secondly, he has been told that as he was furloughed today, he won't be paid for this week. No notice of no pay essentially. He has already had no pay for 2 weeks on Easter holidays.

Thirdly, the way the agency have said the furlough will be calculated taking his average weekly earnings not from the start of his long term contract, but taken from the very first days work he did as a TA for them. This takes his pay from £550 a week to £180 a week. A huge drop. He lives alone currently, paying rent. He looked in to benefits, but this wage puts him above what he could receive.

It seems dreadfully unfair and wrong on so many levels. He is emailing the union for advice, but as it might be some time before it elicits a response, he would like to see if anyone has any useful words of wisdom for him here.

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Rosie2000 Mon 20-Apr-20 13:59:52

He needs to contact his union ASAP

ThisMustBeMyDream Mon 20-Apr-20 14:35:47

He has, but NASWUT are only taking emails, so he could have quite some wait for a response.

He has now been told by the head he will be paid for this week, which is something. It obviously doesn't help with after this week and going forward for an unknown period of time.

I'm so sad for him. He has gone in to teaching in his 30s to give his daughter a better life. All he has felt since qualifying is shafted through one means or another. No jobs, then when he does get one, this....

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