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Teachers- what are we doing today?

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BelleSausage Mon 20-Apr-20 09:02:45

As an antidote to the accusations that we are doing bugger all I thought I’d keep a lockdown WFH diary here. Feel free to join in as an illustration that staff are doing lots in this time.

What am I up to today?

New term has started. I don’t usually teach Monday or Tuesday but I consider that out the window now. Will be putting in about four hours today between meetings and work setting and making explanation videos for students and answering e-mails queries.

I also have DD (4) to look after this morning as DH and I have divided the day in two shift so we can both get chunks of work done. Will be mostly reading and answering e-mails this morning. Can’t do anything that requires quiet until I can lock myself in the office this afternoon.

I’ve got a Teams staff meeting at 3 and that should take another hour. So maybe five in all.

Over the holidays I’ve been making talking Power Points for the students. School are keen for us not to do video lessons with younger years.

How about you all? What are you up to today?

I’ll also be sometimes dressed as a witch while answering e-mails and sometimes also excavating a dinosaur. So good at multi-tasking!

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ILoveAnOwl Mon 20-Apr-20 09:05:26

Nothing. But that's because I was in school last week looking after our vulnerable students, so I've been given this week off as my holiday. Later in the week I'll be sorting out work packages for our students not in school, and activities to do in school next week with the pupils who are in.

ladygracie Mon 20-Apr-20 09:08:25

I’ve been furloughed but have spent the last 2 weeks completing the latest model of a course I’m doing. Today is day 1 of sort my house out.

ladygracie Mon 20-Apr-20 09:09:19

Sorry I’ve just realised I am not helping by posting on here as I really am not doing anything.

TubereuseNordlys Mon 20-Apr-20 09:09:47

I'm online all day (school hours) to answer questions for work set.

We've been encouraged to upload short videos of us showing something we've learned / reading a story etc but are not allowed to use eg Zoom, so between questions I'm putting together a video of something I learned to do during Easter.

4:30 is an SLT meeting. That'll be about half an hour.

I'll be planning for next week between 7 and 8:30ish, I have to put together an activities- based approach and an alternative worksheet-only approach, based on parent feedback.

I think all my days will look like this, though meetings on only two days this week. I'm Home Learning Lead though, so I'll also be helping other staff members out with their work.

Not on rota for Key Worker children as I am vulnerable.

TubereuseNordlys Mon 20-Apr-20 09:10:33

Yes, but you've been furloughed Gracie, so you shouldn't!

SallyLovesCheese Mon 20-Apr-20 09:10:36

I don't work on Mondays (as in, I don't get paid), but today I'll be phoning parents to see how they are, how the last couple of weeks have gone and to talk to them about this half-term's work.

Then I am cracking on with more lesson organising for next week. Hopefully my one-year-old will let me get plenty done!

Appuskidu Mon 20-Apr-20 09:14:53

I’m only part time and don’t work Mondays but that’s out of the window with the rotas. I shall be starting to sort transition for our new list of starters today!

Myfriendanxiety Mon 20-Apr-20 09:14:55

I am part time so only usually work 2 days a week, Monday isn’t one of them.

I have been allocated 3 classes to set work for- one of which is my normal class and the other 2 are classes of similar ability so made sense for the same work to be given to all 3.

I spent about 3 hours on Saturday organising the work for this week and sending it out via email. It’s easier for me to do it at a weekend as DH was here to watch the children (3 and 1).

Today I will spend about an hour making welfare phone calls to students that have not sent work back to me yet via email over the last few weeks. I will do this at 1 year olds nap time while 3 year old watches tv.

Once DC are in bed at 7pm I will log on and respond to any queries from students, mark any work that has been sent back to me and if there isn’t much then I will do another module of the many e-training that have been assigned to us.

cheesecurdsandgravy Mon 20-Apr-20 09:31:53

So far I have responded to five student email queries about their work - which I already set for the week. There’s no expectation they do it at set times. So, the emails come randomly. I’m part way through my weekly email to parents of children with SEND, later I’ll do one for the carers of LAC. I get between 5-10 emails from these families a day that require everything from a two line email in response to a direct phone call.

Today, I definitely have four families to phone, which will probably be 1hr 30. I’ll then email the head with a summary of each conversation.

I need to catch up with a social worker later, I’ve left a few messages, she’ll call me when she can.

I’m planning/preparing resources for next week, and when that’s done, I’ll continue to update resources for next year.

Oh, and parenting my 2 year old!

BelleSausage Mon 20-Apr-20 09:33:40

Heroes all!

Thanks to all those who have been in school over Easter. I am so grateful to my colleagues who stepped up when I couldn’t as DH has been in full time work.

And all those making group Power Points and resources. You help us all function.

And those working every day despite being PT.

And all those SLT slaving away over a pot of hot data to try to get those GCSE results through.

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cheesecurdsandgravy Mon 20-Apr-20 09:34:22

Oh, and normally I’m on a .4 contract... Monday is not generally a work day confused

practicallyperfectwithprosecco Mon 20-Apr-20 09:37:32

All my work for week was ready for this morning and I caught up on emails over weekend.

I'm just having to respond to emails to parents that I might receive and plan timetables and work for the 3 SEN children in my class - they have 2 weeks work already so want something for week 3 for them.

Am also supervising my own yr3 and yr9 with their work and encouraging the yr11 to do something that doesn't involve tiktok or YouTube.

RubyViolet Mon 20-Apr-20 09:38:24

Thanks for working through your holidays, and for volunteering to work unpaid overtime.
flowers Full appreciation.

Blondephantom Mon 20-Apr-20 09:40:48

I will be at my laptop creating resources for tomorrow and completing SEN paperwork. In between responding to pupil and parent queries, of course. We have to be available throughout the school day to answer any queries sent. I also watched one of the Oak National Academy lessons and plan on watching the other two for today. While I like the idea, I feel my class would miss out as they aren't covering the topics I had planned to.

Tomorrow, I am in school looking after keyworkers' children. 8-4. As there are no dinner staff, we eat with the children and work straight through. Then home to answer any queries that have been sent during the day.

Hope you all have a fantastic day x

WifeofDarth Mon 20-Apr-20 09:43:37

Training on 3 hr conf call on new IT system, supporting families to access the system.
Work for this week is already on system as it was planned, designed and uploaded over the Easter ‘holidays’.

unlimiteddilutingjuice Mon 20-Apr-20 09:47:39

Thanks for your lockdown diary Bellesausage. Really interesting.
Did you know Lisa McKenzie at Durham University is collecting Corona Diaries for a sociological study?
I'm sure she'd love to have yours if you want it to live on outside of mumsnet.

snidgetowl Mon 20-Apr-20 09:57:23

I find that the working day goes fairly quickly with so many things to do. I will be online all day answering pupil queries - have already received 5 emails since 9am. Registering pupils over Google Classroom and emailing a list of pupils who haven't responded over to HOY, as well as any pupils we are worried about. Our SLT set us weekly Professional Development tasks, so have been completing those this morning. Departmental meeting over Zoom at 11 for about an hour in which we will be discussing ideas for the new curriculum. Marking essays submitted by Year 10 before the holidays and Year 7 written assessments, and giving feedback over Google Classroom. Planning work for tomorrow and converting PDFs/Word documents into Google Docs, and tweaking the work to make it accessible for pupils to cope with on their own. That's the most difficult part!

echt Mon 20-Apr-20 10:41:07

I'm in Victoria, Au, so only in my second week of online teaching. I have mostly senior groups so a shedload of holiday homework came in to mark. I teach English so it was very time-consuming, though I'm getting smarter as well as faster.

NeurotrashWarrior Mon 20-Apr-20 11:19:44

Can we be furloughed? If so I didnt know that.

I've been trying to get ds (7) to do some sort of school work while trying to keep the 2 year old entertained. Plied with hot chocolate. Semi successful; mr 7 is very jealous that mr 2 is 'just playing.' We are making a draw bridge for the fortress he's claimed (the porch) later on, somehow. confused

Ds's school have now put some things on the website, what's really lovely is seeing his teachers faces as they're keeping a sort of blog about what they're up to. The head has been really lovely about prioritising well-being.

I'm going to have a long day later in the week where Dh will be in charge of the kids to wfh on curriculum docs.

bettybattenburg Mon 20-Apr-20 11:24:13

I'm answering gcse chemistry questions with one teenager, discussing molecular biology with another and proof reading a university dissertation for my eldest. I should be working on my MEd today but there isn't time. Tomorrow I'm back at work for the rest of the week trying to support SEN children and my own children.

FrippEnos Mon 20-Apr-20 11:33:28

All work was put up yesterday.
Responding to email queries.
Feedback on work that has come in.
Transferring SoW and ppts to the new format
Embedding the new school systems into work.
Conferring with SLT and HoD about GCSE marks
Marking and moderating GCSE NEA.

StaffAssociationRepresentative Mon 20-Apr-20 11:51:44

On line INSET all day. It has been hilarious so far as I mentioned on boycott thread.

Inbetween giggles I have scheduled a weeks worth of class meetings as we are now recording everything. Just need to drop in the assignments that I prepped in the past couple of weeks (you know that period that the bashers refer to as holidays) .

Got to get back - Year 11 and 13 assessments coming up

PheasantPlucker1 Mon 20-Apr-20 11:56:28

Just done an online year 12 lesson, was meant to last an hour but they wanted to carry on so 2 hours.

Hour of uploading this terms resources, which Ive spent most of half term preparing then I have a year 10 lesson

After that my kids can finally go in paddling pool while I mark in the garden!

BelleSausage Mon 20-Apr-20 12:18:54

We aren’t getting any students for online lessons. Only doing them for Yr 10 and 12. My HoD had two of her A-level group this morning. Out of 25.

I don’t think there is the same general appetite amongst the students for live video classes as there apparently is amongst parents.

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