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cheesecurdsandgravy Mon 20-Apr-20 07:27:06

Well, it’s up. What are your thoughts for your subject?

Mine (French) has the same two lessons for Y7&8 and the Y9 content is misnamed (name implies one thing, content is not that!) and normally covered by Y7 in the first term.

It’s fine to keep kids busy for a few mins. But, I’m glad I didn’t wait for it to do my planning.

Part of me is glad that the government seems to being true to their word in that it’s not “teaching” it’s revising known content, after all, they suspended the NC!

The other part of me is nervous that people (parents and students) will think that this is indicative of “normal” levels of input/knowledge and that will be used as another stick to beat us with “OMG, why is my children’s. school setting such difficult work”!

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lorisparkle Mon 20-Apr-20 07:54:30

I think the problem is how the government 'presented' this new online content. In reality it is just another provider like White Rose Maths, Twinkl, BBC Bitesize etc but it has been presented as this all encompassing 'school'. If everyone looked at it as just another resource to tap into it would be fine. They are trying to make SEND content for all pupils including those with profound difficulties. Special schools have been trying to do that for decades and there still is no simple answer so to produce something online in a couple of weeks seems 'mission impossible'

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