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Maths A Level - help for Y11

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treenu Tue 31-Mar-20 14:48:40

Good Afternoon,

I am trying to put together a pack of work for the group of Y11 students planning to study Maths and further Maths in Sept.

Is there any sort of recommendation about what sixth forms/colleges want from students?
Are there any areas that you recommend they practice?

It would be really great to get some feedback so that we can prepare them remotely.

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Algebraicyourleg Tue 31-Mar-20 14:58:32

I have just sent this link for a free kindle book to our Year 11 students.

treenu Tue 31-Mar-20 20:33:29

Brilliant- thank you so much

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Hercwasonaroll Tue 31-Mar-20 23:25:56

On the secondary education boars noble started a good thread of ideas for this.

noblegiraffe Wed 01-Apr-20 13:56:19

Thanks, Herc! The thread is here:

Hercwasonaroll Wed 01-Apr-20 18:50:37

Thanks noble, you can probably tell by the post timing I wasn't at my best!

treenu Wed 01-Apr-20 22:32:27

Thank so much - took a look. So useful!

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RestYourHead Wed 01-Apr-20 22:46:16

Ooh place marking. I have a Yr 11 DS hoping to take Maths A Level but completely unmotivated to do any work right nowhmm

RestYourHead Wed 01-Apr-20 22:49:25

Actually I have just followed noblegiraffe's link, very helpful thank you

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