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Anyone else in a 'hub' school scenario?

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Msgiggles30 Wed 25-Mar-20 19:41:26

So as of next week out local authority has decided to put key worker provision in to 'hub' schools. So all the children will go to one school and staff from all schools will be on the rota (probably only once ish a fortnight/once week if people start going off). We assumed it would just be our local cluster; 6 schools max merged together but our hub contains 14 schools?! Some other hubs only have 6 or even 3! I cannot understand this and think it's a really bad idea.
We only had 6 children this week and other local schools 4 etc so I see why they are putting them into one setting but 14 schools and staff mixed seems crazy. Any one else's LA adopting this model?

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teaandajammydodger Thu 26-Mar-20 08:23:10

My LA asked head teachers about this but the immediate feedback was that we don’t feel safe with this model so they are not pushing it for now at least.

AlinaSquareQueen Thu 26-Mar-20 08:43:30

Yes, my large secondary has merged with two others in their MAT.

We (TAs) were all set to work one day a week, but then we were told last Monday that we weren’t required as not enough students turned up. I was slightly disappointed as I actually wanted to go in, unlike many of my TA colleagues who really didn’t.

Msgiggles30 Thu 26-Mar-20 13:53:15

I have been in this week and didnt mind working. I live alone so was actually welcome but this was just in my school with 14 children and 4 staff. Merging 14 schools just seems too dangerous but unfortunately the LA wont budge- some schools have asked to opt out but it was a no x

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SansaSnark Thu 26-Mar-20 16:18:57

14 schools does seem like a lot.

How are students to get to these schools? Using school transport etc is surely high risk?

Msgiggles30 Thu 26-Mar-20 18:35:47

I assume they are to be dropped off by parents. There is no transport. The schools are all probabaly within a 5-10 min drive of the hub school. Although not all parents will drive which will cause issues for some!x

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DrMadelineMaxwell Fri 27-Mar-20 20:12:54

Ours is. Also no transport provided.
In reaction to people voicing concerns (behaviour/safeguarding re knowing your kids/infection risk if mixing large numbers etc) they have decided to put 2 staff in with the kids from our school in one classroom. So that's 2 adults and about 10-12 kids in a room. So more difficult to distance sufficiently.

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