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Will schools still be recruiting for September?

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Featurewall Sat 21-Mar-20 13:59:25

Gained my PGCE a couple of years ago and have been at home since having my DS. Was hoping to apply for NQT roles this September but now wondering if anywhere will actually be recruiting?! Assuming staff turnover will be very low.

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LolaSmiles Sat 21-Mar-20 14:35:59

Some people already have new jobs for September so schools will have to recruit their replacements.
I don't think there's likely to be as much movement now as in a typical year though.

noblegiraffe Sat 21-Mar-20 14:46:14

Yes, my school is expecting to recruit and will be doing interviews by Skype.

It’ll take a bit of time for the dust to settle before this reaches the top of the to-do list though.

Dawnofanewmillenium Sat 21-Mar-20 14:47:57

Oh God giraffe I HATE Skype! grin

qweryuiop Sat 21-Mar-20 14:52:06

I'd presume most retirements will happen as normal. There will also be people leaving due to illness, or worse. I think a lot is up in the air right now but I'd suspect that jobs will be available.

noblegiraffe Sat 21-Mar-20 14:56:43

I hate Skype too, and would avoid like the plague. (Wow, that expression will need updating).

But I reckon by the end of this we’ll all have got over our Skype aversion out of necessity!

Dawnofanewmillenium Sat 21-Mar-20 14:58:26

<high fives giraffe>

<washes hands>

It’s the fact you can SEE your expressions - arghh!

SansaSnark Sat 21-Mar-20 15:33:50

I applied for a job at the end of last week (NQT on a one year contract). I got an email from the school yesterday saying they are still recruiting but looking at options for interviews, including remote interviews and a lesson planning task and was I still happy to be part of the process.

So some schools are moving forward with the process.

But as others have said, there might be less movement than usual- if I had a permanent contract I wouldn't be looking to move now!

If schools don't reopen in September (worst case scenario) then I imagine they won't feel so desperate to fill gaps in staffing!

Featurewall Sat 21-Mar-20 16:49:35

This is reassuring actually thank you

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Featurewall Sat 21-Mar-20 16:50:28

I bloody hate Skype though practices facial expressions

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MadisonAvenue Sat 21-Mar-20 16:53:18

My son is currently doing his PGCE and interviewed for a job earlier in the week and had a call last night to tell him that he’d been successful.

pointycow Sat 21-Mar-20 17:16:51

I’ve got an interview on Thursday! There will be a student panel, a written task and I have to prepare a lesson plan ready to talk through. No actual teaching though.
I was very surprised when I got the email- I also assumed recruitment would have been forgotten about.

noblegiraffe Sat 21-Mar-20 17:21:47

Student panel? They’re a shit idea at the best of times, but now?? How will that work?

Chickensandapples Sat 21-Mar-20 17:25:17

Yes but recruitment may be done differently like via Skype

Dawnofanewmillenium Sat 21-Mar-20 17:26:46

At least we won’t have to have the cringey tour of the school.

pointycow Sat 21-Mar-20 17:33:44

No idea about the student panel- made up of the children of key workers I guess 🙄

nicknackpaddy Sat 21-Mar-20 17:37:57

I wonder if it will favour internal applications in some cases, I mean if the head teacher is leaving then it'd be very simple for the governors to decide to appoint the deputy head either as a longer term acting head or permanently to maintain consistency for the children when it's been so uncertain with school generally.

Confusedteacher Mon 23-Mar-20 08:09:32

Ooh this hasn’t reassured me slightly, I came on to ask the same thing. I’m on a fixed term contract so need to find something for September.

Confusedteacher Mon 23-Mar-20 08:10:04

has reassured me, I mean!

FashionFoodLaughs Mon 23-Mar-20 09:22:01

Well I’m meant to have an interview tomorrow. It’s been planned for a while but no teaching obviously. Half expecting it to be cancelled, have done so much interview preparation!

MiniatureRed Thu 26-Mar-20 22:25:40

We are definitely still recruiting, it'll just be done over Skype (sorry!). Everyone is still optimistically hoping schools will reopen come September and we need to be prepared for that.

Featurewall Fri 27-Mar-20 21:51:40

Thank you everyone who has responded & hoping all with interviews get on well. I've been checkin our local council website for jobs all week but nothing's come up yet,hopefully it's just a matter of time confused

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Everyexitisanentrance Mon 30-Mar-20 09:31:09

And there maybe opportunities for those on supply as obviously a number of teachers will succumb, regretfully, to the virus

FashionFoodLaughs Wed 01-Apr-20 10:00:39

I got the job! Skype interview was so surreal and intense. Hopefully school will resume in September....

nicknackpaddy Wed 01-Apr-20 10:31:14

Well done

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