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rosegoldwatcher Wed 11-Mar-20 09:25:20

I can't watch any fictional programmes set in secondary schools - with their staff of eight (never more than one teacher per subject) and teenagers without behaviour problems/attitudes.

FashionFoodLaughs Tue 10-Mar-20 21:47:26

Yes! My DH works in prisons and can’t watch some dramas as he finds them so unrealistic. I felt his pain on this however it didn’t stop me watching.

ElderAve Tue 10-Mar-20 21:45:42

I also thought the A&E thing was ridiculous

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FashionFoodLaughs Tue 10-Mar-20 21:40:12

Never mind that - she’s in and out of her classroom and taking time off at the drop of a hat! In all seriousness I’m sure it would, in real life, be considered a massive concern and he would be moved between classes.

ElderAve Tue 10-Mar-20 21:35:11

I've just binge watched the first series. To summarise without spoilers, a Teacher makes an accusation of rape against the parent of a child in her class. The child remains in the class and the teacher at work throughout the investigation.

I'm sure this wouldn't happen in reality, but the teacher did nothing wrong, so why would she be moved? Likewise the child did nothing wrong. How do you think this would be handled?

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