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Fudgewhizz Mon 09-Mar-20 12:38:38

I’m really interested in becoming a SENCO - taught for ten years and am currently in a non-teaching pastoral role dealing with behaviour and inclusion, including some SEN. A lot of SENCO jobs want a qualification; obviously the ideal one is the National SENCO award but that’s not going to happen at my current school (they can’t fund it and I can’t afford it). I know you have to get it within three years of a SENCO role and I’m quite happy to work towards it. In the meantime, is there a cheaper qualification I can do to show willing on applications? There are level 3/4 ones in SpLD / autism / learning support etc and I just wonder if it’d be worth my doing one of those in the meantime to show them that I’m serious - and if so, which one? Some cost about £10 and presumably aren’t worth the paper they’re written on, some are about £100 which is fine if it’ll look good on an application (and teach me something!).

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ooopsupsideyourhead Mon 09-Mar-20 17:03:49

I’m a SENCO, with the qualification. I think that most schools are advertising and hopeful, but, would consider applications from those that don’t have it but could evidence their suitability for the role and were willing to complete it. Evidence would be leadership (mine was as HoD and EAL co-ordinator) and experience with SEND. I’d say it was probably worth it to take some courses if you can afford it to evidence this last point.

Fudgewhizz Tue 10-Mar-20 21:14:08

@ooopsupsideyourhead Thanks smile Do you have any idea which would be good to do, aside from the NASENCo? Would a level 3 one in learning support be enough to show that I’m serious?

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ooopsupsideyourhead Tue 10-Mar-20 22:00:37

I would take whatever interests you, especially since you are paying. But many, many job adverts seem to look for autism expertise. So, could you do something with that?

The most import thing though is to look at what you are already doing and find places where you already have to lead, advise and work with other professionals (not just classroom teachers in your school). Places where you can evidence your commitment to SEND.

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