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When did/would you tell school about pregnancy?

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PumpkinPie2016 Sun 08-Mar-20 18:13:54

Hi smile

Me and my husband have decided to start ttc our second child. I was working in a different school when I had my son and told the head and my manager fairly early on (about 7 weeks).

My current school is lovely but, for a variety of reasons, if I am fortunate to get pregnant quickly, I wouldn't want to tell them straight away.

I know technically, I don't have to tell them until 25 weeks but I am obviously going to have things like midwife appointments/a scan appointment which I may need time off for. I can't see how I can request time for these things without them knowing as you have to provide evidence of appointment and the letter will say what it's for.

Just wondering what others did/any advice people may have.

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pascalesco Sun 08-Mar-20 22:49:19

At 6 weeks! I had really bad morning sickness so it was virtually impossible to keep it from the people I was working closely with. Fortunately I worked in early years with 2 support staff so could leave the room for a couple of minutes.

PumpkinPie2016 Mon 09-Mar-20 05:55:10

Thanks pascal that's what I was like when I was pregnant last time so I had to tell a couple of people early!

Guess I'll just have to wait and see.

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ooopsupsideyourhead Mon 09-Mar-20 17:15:00

The secret was out after I spend three hours vomiting in the toilet (next to the staff room!) at 5 weeks and then my husband was called as I couldn’t drive 🙄 I “might” have got away with norovirus.. except for the fact I didn’t come back to work for four months 😂

Women at the schools I’ve worked in seem to fall in to two camps with their first , 1) tell everyone, quickly 2) tell no one until it’s too hot to wear a jacket (secondary) any longer.

AND then do the exact opposite with subsequent pregnancies!

Poetryinaction Tue 10-Mar-20 06:20:58

For dc1 I told them at 20 weeks. My 1st scan was the 1st day of the summer holidays, so I told them in order to have the second scan. I had been there 9 months by then. I told them at the start of Sept and went on Mat leave at Christmas.
Dc2 I told them at 12 weeks but was starting to show.
Dc3 at 12 weeks, again, starting to show.
I wanted to give them enough time to replace me for dc2+3.
I had no sickness in any of my pregnancies.

pfrench Wed 11-Mar-20 00:39:14

23 weeks.

OttersR0ck Thu 12-Mar-20 23:15:14

After first scan confirmed all seemed to be going ahead well with the pregnancy and it was more likely to go full term. But I also confided in a couple trusted colleagues ahead of time. It's tough working through the horrible first stage AND not being able to talk to anyone about what you're going through - in fact, trying desperately to hide it! So I tried to compromise.
I was new to the job, so dreading it, but was also first pregnancy so wasn't showing.

arinah Sat 14-Mar-20 13:00:37

I let my school know at 10/11 weeks since I'm epileptic and had to change my role slightly (be taken off of play and lunch duty etc) to work alongside my care plan. As I was a general TA, I was able to support more in terms of covering classes, which was great for my wages grin

Blondephantom Sat 14-Mar-20 16:30:07

I told them straight away which turned out to be the correct choice. Unfortunately, there was an outbreak of something that could have been dangerous to the baby. They sent me home.

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