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Dependents leave

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Poetryinaction Tue 03-Mar-20 17:55:17

What is your school policy on this? I'm interested to know how ours compares. We get 2 days paid per year, the rest unpaid. We are moving to a MAT which offers no days paid.
I have 3 children and no family support, so that is less than one day per child. I would never aim to use it but sometimes it is unavoidable.

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Mammyloveswine Wed 04-Mar-20 06:38:05

Ring in sick...

bluechameleon Wed 04-Mar-20 06:51:17

We also get 2 days paid

Trying2310 Wed 04-Mar-20 13:18:05

We get no days paid and with several children it's so difficult.

Trying2310 Wed 04-Mar-20 13:28:54

It is so difficult.

Fuzzyspringroll Wed 04-Mar-20 19:44:21

We get 1 day on full pay and 9 more days on something like £50/day per year. That's for each child and parent.

Lipperfromchipper Wed 04-Mar-20 19:51:18

5 days paid for family care leave and 5 days paid extra personal leave that we can use at any time for any reason (but no more than two in a row)

Poetryinaction Wed 04-Mar-20 20:46:36

Wow, huge variety! I was a bit naive I think. We were let down a lot by a childminder earlier this year. Then got hit with chickenpox. I was surprised to see unpaid leave deducted from my pay so checked the policy. Now my husband has checked his, and he gets no days. He isn't a teacher.
I guess the only answer for us now is to call in sick. We have no one else, and can't afford to be off again.
I was thinking of approaching my school to see if the policy could be changed to discretionary, but there is probanly no point.

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user1471468296 Thu 05-Mar-20 06:14:50

Are your current conditions not being TUPEd over?

Poetryinaction Thu 05-Mar-20 08:37:34

Yes. But I think I have missed a deadline. I don't undertand the process. We asked for our policies to be made clear. I read them and shared my thoughts with staff. Everyone says it's too late to change anything. We merge next month.

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sakura06 Thu 05-Mar-20 20:02:34

Your pay and conditions shouldn't be getting worse. You should talk to your Union.

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