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Just can't be arsed..

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pfrench Sat 29-Feb-20 16:59:15

.. replying to a few posts on here just thinking that I can't be arsed with this whole teaching thing anymore.

I quite enjoy my job on a day to day basis, nice colleagues, kids are nuts but that's OK, I'm pretty good at it, I care about the actual learning the kids are doing and so on, but meh.

It feels quite dry these days. So many things you just have to be doing, it's sort of taken the fun out of it all. I used to like the creative stuff, but now with curriculums/knowledge organisers that are basically a series of personalised school QCA unit, there's little in the way of that going on anymore.

The only way I get to read a 'fun' book to the children is by letting another subject drop, yet everyone is obsessed with children reading for pleasure... if I have to rip every sentence of a book apart to discuss vocab or what's inferred, then all the fun has gone.

I want to sing with them, every day.. but nope, no time for that either.

God forbid you make Stonehenge from custard creams.

Am I alone here? Is it my school, or is this a teaching wide issue?

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Fuzzyspringroll Sat 29-Feb-20 17:24:37

It might be a UK issue.
I try and sing with mine every day (I'm a terrible singer but they don't seem to mind). I read during lunch (we eat with the kids).
I couldn't make Stonhenge out of custard creams (we are a surgar free school) but I can just walk down to ALDI with them, buy some stuff and then have fun making pizzas. Does that count?
We are also being encouraged to take them outside as much as possible, so we might pick up the school dog(s) and just go for a walk. Don't have to cram anything in and can combine subjects if I like. I only have guidelines of what theh need to know at the end of primary and I keep my class for the whole time (from entry to primary to the end), so can structure things how I like.

literalsunshine Sat 29-Feb-20 17:30:50

Some of the teachers at the school
I work at put on a song on YouTube for the first 5 mins of lesson and all the children and staff get up and dance, we all love it!
Most of the time it's something to do with the lesson so for maths the teacher will put on a song about the 3 times tables. Maybe you could do that?

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