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Do academies honour pre booked holidays?

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Darklava09 Sat 29-Feb-20 11:51:25

I’ve recently secured a job for an academy.
I got the call the day that school broke up! Super excited and thrilled about the role.

Realised once excitement wore off and other half reminded me about our holiday coming up!

Spoke to school this week and explained about the holiday and asked if this would be ok.
Was advised they would let me know.

In people’s experiences do schools honour this? Would they make me take it unpaid or point blank refuse?

I get anxious that things like this put employers off. I’m still waiting for paperwork and references to be sent out and hoping this doesn’t put them off hiring me!?

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Darklava09 Sat 29-Feb-20 11:52:09

Oh and I’m not a teacher so wouldn’t impact on classes ect smile

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Tinnedpeachesandcream Sat 29-Feb-20 11:52:26

Really depends I think I would imagine most likely to be unpaid-is it a teaching or non teaching job? How long is the holiday?

Darklava09 Sat 29-Feb-20 11:53:16

I’d be missing 5 working days out of the school week.
&& non teaching role.

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PotteringAlong Sat 29-Feb-20 11:53:32

I have only known it happen once when a colleague had booked her wedding for the school holidays and then got a new job in sept (wedding was oct half term) and we had a different week off for half term. It was honoured but unpaid.

frugalkitty Sat 29-Feb-20 14:18:08

I think you'll get the time but it will be unpaid, although you could offer to make the days up somewhere instead I guess.

HelenaJustina Sat 29-Feb-20 14:22:18

I had two days booked for a wedding 6 weeks after I started and it was honoured (authorised and paid)

maddy68 Sat 29-Feb-20 14:24:32

Yes provided you mentioned it at interview

PotteringAlong Sat 29-Feb-20 15:41:16

The colleague I mentioned before had been completely upfront about it at interview.

Darklava09 Sat 29-Feb-20 15:46:46

They didn’t ask at interview and I didn’t mention it.
The interview was quite strict on time so no further discussions took place really.

I can always ask to make it up within a holiday period I’m guessing.

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h0rsewithn0name Sat 29-Feb-20 15:52:11

We would allow it but it would be unpaid. We would also ask for evidence that the holiday was booked before the date of interview. It sounds harsh, but this was brought in because someone took advantage once.

Darklava09 Sat 29-Feb-20 18:05:08

Yes I have said I can provide proof if needed.

It’s not harsh I know someone who used to do the same and also someone who used to go off sick the same 2 weeks each year and went abroad! Didn’t once get in trouble for it either!

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theswordthatdangles Mon 02-Mar-20 11:20:09

I've just been offered a job in a school but have started a course which still has 4 sessions to go. The school have said i could work 4 days those week but I've said I will be home by lunch time so have opted to work half a day. I won't be paid for the time I am not in but I didn't expect to be so it's fine by me. Especially as the course will benefit the job as well.

I suspect you will be asked to take it unpaid but generally they honour bookings made before the interview. I didn't mention it at interview either because tbh I didn't expect to get the job.

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