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any who is deaf (wears hearing aids) and is a TA?

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biglips Wed 26-Feb-20 17:19:51

what is your profession?

as I would love to work in a primary school but unsure what idea type of job to look for?


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Lulu1919 Fri 28-Feb-20 06:33:41

I'm a TA with hearing aids....I'm hard of hearing rather than deaf ..but feel free to ask me anything ?

CaptainMyCaptain Fri 28-Feb-20 06:43:53

I used to work with a TA who wore hearing aids, it was never an issue.

RamblingFar Sat 29-Feb-20 13:00:32

I teach primary with hearing aids, but only have moderate hearing loss.

keiratwiceknightly Sat 29-Feb-20 13:16:12

I teach secondary and have hearing aids. It's fine - kids occasionally roll their eyes when I ask them to repeat themselves but that's it

keiratwiceknightly Sat 29-Feb-20 13:17:12

Oh and unlike the posters above, I'm quite deaf. Totally reliant on the aids. Speech not affected though - this may be a bit more of an issue perhaps?

biglips Sat 29-Feb-20 15:45:14

Thanks for your replies. I'm just curious of how many are there that work in a school.

I've taken on a job in year 1 (did a trail yesterday and I had an excellent feedback from my agency, that they wanted me to start on Monday!!) gulp!!

I am very deaf as without hearing aids.. I'm stoned deaf. One ear is profound and other severe, but I do have brilliant hearing aids. I'm just worried incase the class would be noisier than usual and I can't hear. Maybe it will or not happen.

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biglips Sat 29-Feb-20 15:46:21

The teacher knows I'm deaf and I lipread.

Plus I've got kids myself age 7, 11 and 15

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CaptainMyCaptain Sat 29-Feb-20 16:09:29

Great. Good luck in your new job.

olivo Sat 29-Feb-20 16:59:49

I am unilaterally deaf but no longer use a hearing aid, it didn't work for me. I have made adjustments in My classroom as I rely on Lip reading as a back up and have to have tables and my desk positioned in a certain way but everyone has been great about it. I have taught in secondary for around 20 years since losing my hearing.

NeedingCoffee Sat 29-Feb-20 18:36:45

Deaf teacher at a school near us; he has a hearing dog which is nominated for the Crufts Hero dog award at the moment! The dog is in the classroom “at work” alongside the teacher and boys. You have to be either severely or profoundly deaf to qualify for a Hearing Dog so the teacher in question is quite deaf and clearly managing absolutely fine.

Wauden Sat 29-Feb-20 18:40:46

If anyone can recommend food websites for the deaf/Deaf/hard of hearing, could you please say which they are? smile

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