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Part time/childcare/career progression aagh, thoughts appreciated!

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Poetryinaction Sat 22-Feb-20 13:25:34

I am currently 0.64 in a school with no A Level. I miss A Level. I have been here 7 years but had 3 lots of maternity leave. My youngest is just 2 and there won't be any more. I hate going in for 7 days a fortnight, and missing all my own kids' assemblies etc. And childcare is £££ at present.
My dh works full time and loves his job.
I am on M6.
A job has come up which I really fancy and has A Level. It is 0.4. Another has come up.with A Level and is full time.
My concerns are-
Would I even be considered after a 7 year gap with no A Level? I have 4 years experience previous to this.
Is 0.4 of M6 even worth it? Will I feel very poor?
Am I killing my career by going more part time?
I am just a bit nervous, and maybe asking for stories of people who were part time with small kids, and how it all panned out.
Many thanks to anyone who shares their thoughts!

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Mistressiggi Sun 23-Feb-20 11:10:16

I think being part time can be a career killer, yes. But a life enhancer. If you have three dc that's a tough call, and you are some way off the slight easiness of them all being at school. There is no reason to miss "all" the assemblies etc if you are part time, some should fall on your days at home surely! I would not think employers give much thought to 0.4 versus 0.6. I would think teaching a level would be a bonus. As to if they would give you the job well it just depends who you are up against.
I don't want to work full time again. There are very few promotional opportunities in my area anyway, even if I was full time.

Poetryinaction Sun 23-Feb-20 14:04:24

Thanks so much. That was a real ramble!

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Poetryinaction Sun 23-Feb-20 14:04:37

On my part I mean.

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Mistressiggi Sun 23-Feb-20 14:48:39


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