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Need advice on how to handle this situation please.

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chillie Sun 16-Feb-20 14:03:58

My dd in yr12 has two biology teachers. One is great the other not so much. Her subject knowledge is sound and teaching is fine when she chooses to teach but that is not very often. Her main style of teaching is to ask the kids to make notes in silence from their books then ten minutes from the end she does a verbal quiz to check knowledge.
On Friday she told off my dd and her friend in front of the whole class that they had done 'significantly worse than the rest of the class' . My daughter said nothing, she thought maybe she really had screwed up and that is her fault but then looked at another girls work and she had some of the same answers that she was given marks for it and my dd was not. This piece of work was set in mid October and was a core practical.The teacher also told my dd that if she did not speak more and put her hand up then she would mark her down on effort and this would remove her study leave.
On a day my Dd was not there she told the rest of the class that' I plan on teaching less this year and leaving you to explore the curriculum for yourselves' . She also said that reading around and further reading for biology must be done or she will mark you down. Dd is not planning to do biology or medicine and is busy reading further for physics.
I have previously complained to the hoy about this teachers attitude and she has apparently been spoken to. I do not know if she is aware of who complained about her.
My Dd has never asked me to complain ever before about any teacher but was quite upset on Friday. She is a naturally quiet girl and every teacher she has ever had has said that she is reluctant to speak up. No problems with teachers ever before.
Should I
1) ask dd to ask a different biology teacher who has never taught her to look at the core practical and re mark it.
2) assume the teacher was having a bad day and just move past it. The core practical was the first one back in October and her marks have been fine since then .
3) tell the hoy and let them deal with it.
4) talk to the teacher myself and tell them my dd feels targeted which I'm sure is not true but how to get my child to believe it?

My aim as is dds is to get the best grade she can, she is worried that this teacher will behave in a personal manner and screw up her predicted grade and core practical pass for her UCAS form.

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noblegiraffe Sun 16-Feb-20 15:37:54

This piece of work was set in mid October and was a core practical.

And she has just got back the marks?

Yes, talk to the HOY if you are concerned that your DD isn’t receiving the teaching she needs to get the grades. Query the practical mark and ask if these were moderated as your DD’s seemed inconsistent.

Don’t say anything about screwing up UCAS until you actually have predicted grade evidence that she is doing that.

astuz Sun 16-Feb-20 16:20:02

I'd be worried about this to be honest, the way she's teaching more than anything. I think you are going to have to keep complaining. Are there any other pupils who also don't like the way the lessons are being taught? If a number of complaints come in from normally nice students, who never complain, then usually it will get looked into.

Your description really reminded me of an NQT+1 I once worked with (also biology), who received numerous complaints from really nice 6th formers. When SLT investigated, they found out that she'd basically been directing the class to pages in the textbook, telling them to make notes on it, then spending the whole lesson on her phone!

Something was done about it, but only after the numerous complaints.

Fantababy Sun 16-Feb-20 18:54:28

I wouldn't advise going to the other biology teacher - that happens sometimes in our dept and we have a policy that we won't undermine a colleague. (Although, admittedly that's generally not on the case of a shared class.)

I would, however, go the the HOY or dept head with my concerns. I wouldn't bother mentioning any perceived dislike the teacher has for your DD, but the discrepancy in the marking should be looked at.

LolaSmiles Sun 16-Feb-20 20:19:19

I wouldn't go to the other teacher as even if you have good intentions it's the sort of situation that gives the impression of playing staff off against each other.

Speak to the head of 6th form and they can follow it up, or speak to the head of department. Explain what you've said here and ask what would be the next steps given that it's already been raised before. Whether your DC can move groups to a new teacher would depend on timetabling. 6th form subjects are often blocked with multiple subjects against each other. The other biology class would need to be in a block not currently filled by her other subjects and it would mean moving classes to two new teachers. She could get the good teacher if they teach more than one class, or if the teacher you're concerned about teaches both classes then she'll not be able to avoid being taught by that teacher because that would involve restaffing the whole department around changes to A Level staffing (which can happen, often in situations of illness, but is massive job and not done lightly).

Good luck.

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