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Best way to show my appreciation

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Absoluteunit Fri 14-Feb-20 18:59:12

Sorry to barge my way into the staff room but I was hoping to pick your brains on something please!

I'm a parent of a child with ASD in MS year 1. We've had a bit of a tricky time so far in primary but my DD is now on SEN support and is now really happy and getting on better academically.

Her teacher this year is frankly bloody brilliant and really gets her - I think she's wonderful - as is the class LSA actually. I wondered what you would appreciate from a parent who wanted to thank you - a present/card, letter to head teacher, something for the classroom?

What do you think? TIA

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itsgettingweird Fri 14-Feb-20 19:19:23

My son also has asd and is in mainstream.

I've often just randomly sent in little parcels of cupcakes and/or nice coffee not chocolate sachets. With a little note saying I know they deserve and probably need these!

Just be careful though a few times this backfired when there was genuine issues I had to raise. One teacher acted all offended and claimed "I thought we had a good relationship". We did - well u TIL she pulled that crap! My concern was child in class threatened to rape my 10 yo shock

Now ds is in secondary school I will bake and send in brownies for his support team and teachers (sent them in today for end of term!).

I also work in a special school.

No one expects anything and it can feel uncomfortable with extravagant gifts. But a simple gesture to show appreciation (and a coffee and cake is always welcome!) makes you feel appreciated.

TimeforanotherChange Fri 14-Feb-20 23:40:05

I genuinely like a thank you card, with honest and kind words about the difference I have made to a child, more than anything. It's why we do the job - and it's so rare anyone actually says it to us that it's a massive boost when someone does.

TimeforanotherChange Fri 14-Feb-20 23:41:40

If you told me I'd been bloody brilliant I'd be chuffed for the rest of the year, frankly.grin

ParsnipToast Sat 15-Feb-20 17:23:01

You could let the Head know as well as the teacher themselves. I did this for a teacher last year, the teacher was chuffed and the Head was also chuffed. He said he only ever got moaned at, had had a tricky day, so to get an email saying how great one of his teachers was had really helped.

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