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Ispywithmycynicaleye Thu 13-Feb-20 23:59:13

Hi, I was wondering if anyone can give me an example of what counts as a 'discussion text'.

It has to be something that relates to children but I'm struggling.

I know scientific papers are/ can be discussions but my mind has gone blank!

Thanks for any help!

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cabbageking Fri 14-Feb-20 00:18:56

Reasons for and against something.

Mans exploration of space
Rainforests and man's need for farmland
Capital punishment
Look at the newspaper for something suitable

Pieceofpurplesky Fri 14-Feb-20 00:23:21

Climate change and veganism go down well at my school. Celebrity. Consumerism.

likeafishneedsabike Fri 14-Feb-20 22:03:11

Google AQA GCSE English Language. Look for specimens or past papers for Paper 2. These are all ‘viewpoint’ non fiction texts. If that’s a winner then just google for teaching resources where teachers have selected practice texts for the same exam.
It’s a key part of the curriculum (and after tackling those NF texts students then have to create their own viewpoint piece in a given topic).

Ispywithmycynicaleye Sat 15-Feb-20 09:40:32

Thanks so much for replying, some great suggestions and advice. I moved on to work on another section of text types so will go back to the discussion text section today.
Thanks again I really appreciate your help!

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