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Job Application Forms and Losing the Will

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PinkIndustry Mon 10-Feb-20 02:30:55

Does anyone else think that job application forms have gone slightly OTT? It used to be a covering letter in which you outlined your vision for inspiring the next generation with a love of learning for life alongside why you would personally be the most excellent person ever to deliver that goal in the Joe Blogs Comp in question accompanied by an application form in which you filled in your mundane contact/history details. I've been applying for jobs lately that want me to fill out a covering letter and a form full of extra boxes that essentially seem to want me to outline all the things which I have already put in the covering letter such as duties and responsibilities for every job I've ever had plus reasons for leaving, why I think I will particularly enjoy working for this academy chain (err........there aren't any non-academy schools left??), how I plan to deliver the particular ethos of this academy school/chain, how I fit the person spec, how my leisure time activities will help me to fulfill the role of blah blah blah blah. Another box asks for a full list of all my INSET and CPD sessions (ummm......desperately tries to recall something about an epi-pen?) The full details of any external course providers which i may have amazingly persuaded my super-tight, budget-stretched school to send me on (err.....over 18 months ago now - I just about remember the lunch was quite good....) Honestly, they'll want the fine details of how I plan to sharpen the pencils and what colour pen I'll be using soon. It takes days to fill them in.

Anyone else think it's become ridiculous or was it ever thus?

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Freeekedout Mon 10-Feb-20 02:57:47

You are so right. That's what puts me off applying for other jobs - I haven't got the time!

Cat0115 Sun 16-Feb-20 11:38:34

Only apply for jobs on the TES that offer quick apply? Takes moments. Then coveting letter can be tailored to person spec and role. I've been part of conversations where Schools lament the lack of applications and I've always asked if their practices are 21st or 12th century. Ie did they make it easy and quick or done sort of trial by brimstone.

Piggywaspushed Sun 16-Feb-20 12:48:35

It's awful. I really hate the ones where they ask for subheadings in your personal statement, presumably to save them a job , and despite the fact that their person spec headings often have significant overlap.

And, after hours of filling each one in, it is often something you cannot help that fails to get you shortlisted and nothing to do with the actual sodding application!

noblegiraffe Sun 16-Feb-20 13:02:30

When bog-standard comp is asking for an enthusiastic, passionate, dynamic and outstanding teacher of maths and you know they’d be lucky to get an application from a tired and cynical maths teacher and will end up roping in a PE teacher with space on their timetable, it’s taking the piss a bit.

likeafishneedsabike Sun 16-Feb-20 19:35:30

Well I suppose they can dream @noblegiraffe but they should at least make it easy for that idealised individual to apply! Quick Apply via TES all the way, I say.

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