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Mock marking for p/t staff

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Theduchessstill Fri 07-Feb-20 05:50:15

I'm in a core subject and we have 4 papers for our essay-based subject, so there is a lot of marking.

We share out the papers rather than marking per class and, in groups, take responsibility for particular sections of the papers. This does make it a lot quicker. We're a big department and have 2 sets of job share teachers - so 4 people covering 2 f/t posts. Obviously as individuals their share of the marking is reduced accordingly as they're p/t teachers.

I have another teacher who has a HoY role and therefore a reduced timetable. They do, however, work f/t and have a Y11 class of their own. They only have 3 other classes. I've been giving this teacher a full set of papers. It didn't occur to me not to tbh - he works f/t. My concern with the p/t teachers is they earn less money, so should do less marking. He may not be in the dept all the time but is a f/t staff member of the school and paid accordingly. He obviously has less marking overall due to having fewer classes and that is the allowance for being HoY.

He's started making noises about how he should have less, making 'jokey' comments, esp around the p/t staff members.

Am I in the wrong to be giving him a full set?

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Soontobe60 Fri 07-Feb-20 05:59:27

Cheeky sod, I'd give him more!
Just ignore his comments, make sure he gets the trickiest questions though!

rosesinmygarden Fri 07-Feb-20 07:17:37

I worked part time for years and got this a lot. I just used to come back with the suggestion that if they wanted less work (and less pay) they should go part time too!

Dyrne Fri 07-Feb-20 07:24:38

Is his marking workload actually impacting in his availability to do his HoY duties properly? If so, then fair enough and he should get less of the share to enable him to meet his other obligations. Yes, he’s paid full time but a proportion of that should still be for his extra responsibilities, not teaching load. However, I would also expect him to use his big boy words; act like the grown up professional he supposedly is, and approach you with these issues to work on a resolution.

If it’s not impacting his HoY duties and it’s some weird metric of “fairness” that he’s made up then he can shut up.

Either way he’s a bellend who shouldn’t be making “jokes” about part time colleagues and if I were his line manager I’d be having a word in his ear.

PerfectParrot Fri 07-Feb-20 07:39:42

We do similar, but split it per class taught. We have 4 classes who sit two papers each. So 8 class sets of papers. I marked 4 of them and my colleagues marked two each. We are all full time, but my increased mock marking is offset by the fact I have fewer ks3 classes so in their exam season I'll be marking much less.

CarrieBlue Fri 07-Feb-20 09:23:31

HoY have both payment and time to carry out their responsibilities (and if he is teaching only 4 classes, sounds like he gets a fair amount of time). He gets paid ft + tlr, not to + tlr so quite reasonable to mark ft proportion. He took on extra responsibililties that he has to manage alongside his teaching

LolaSmiles Fri 07-Feb-20 16:12:30

Surely if he has a y11 class and the whole of y11 is shared across the department, he actually gets less marking than if he had to mark all 4 of his own papers?

Are you an English department by any chance? If so, you have my sympathy doing 4 papers for mocks. My school wouldn't entertain that due to staff workload.

Maybe if he has such an issue with sharing the marking across the team then he should be given the opportunity to mark all 4 sets of his y11.

marcopront Sat 08-Feb-20 10:03:28

I'm not clear how you have split the marking, but I would do it, so you have the sane proportion of marking as you have classes.

CalleighDoodle Sat 08-Feb-20 10:07:56

Ft and hoy means he has taken on more responsibility. He gets the same.

If he jokes about the pt staff again, have words. Thats unacceptable

CalamityJune Sat 08-Feb-20 10:33:42

Having done a HOY role (though non teaching) I can see that he might feel that their free periods and PPAs really are just that, whereas he will be tied up doing HOY stuff which is both unpredictable and time consuming, meaning he will have to do the marking out of school time. However, he has taken on additional responsibility and is being paid for it so it does come with the territory. PT staff get PT wages so shouldn't be doing FT work, so his comments are oht of order.

LizzieBananas Sat 08-Feb-20 10:38:04

Be glad you are not like my school who had the English Lit mock AND the entrance exam on the same day which English teachers are expected to mark. I just backed away slowly...

Dyrne Sat 08-Feb-20 12:50:39

True. And in fairness, you can’t really go into teaching an essay subject and then be suddenly surprised and outraged that this leaves you with (shock!) essays to Mark! grin

Put him back in his box, OP.

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