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Any tutors/teachers around?

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goldenorbspider Sun 26-Jan-20 18:42:29

I'm currently studying an access course for higher education. I'm autistic but not obviously so. I hate the term "high functioning" last year I did functional skills maths which I thoroughly enjoyed. This year I'm doing statistics which I really need to not just pass but understand, for when I go onto uni later this year. I'm doing ok in all my other subjects bar maths. We had the course leader teaching us, then he passed us on to a trainee teacher. We was told initially she's standing in while there's absences but seems to be permanent. I find her very difficult to understand, she spends a lot of time fannying around with pedantic details, ie what colour pen we should use, where to sit ect. when it comes the actual content it's rushed. Other tutors seem to treat us like adults and just tell us to shut up smile it works. I like things to be taught to me in a very clear coherent manner. I write my notes as a step by step list and that's what works for me. I was doing ok with the original tutor. Now the important content is gone through sooo quick and I struggle to get my notes down, I'm falling behind. I was doing pretty good with the other tutor. I was thinking to invest in a private tutor but at the same time I resent paying for a service twice. I'm paying a lot for this course. I'm going to speak to student support tomorrow but don't know what to ask for? Other students have made critical comments, I don't know how to word things tactfully. Basically I'd like her to spend more time working through the content and at a slower rate but I find her very difficult to communicate with and I imagine she feels the same way about me. Currently feel like a Guinea pig. Any words of advice? I don't think my college gets autism and it's quirks. I've explained before how i learn and environmental factors and it's all been looked over.

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fjreflycaramel Sun 26-Jan-20 18:45:55

Would recording the sessions help you?

noblegiraffe Sun 26-Jan-20 18:50:41

Before paying for a tutor, have you looked online? There are thousands of videos of teachers teaching maths concepts on youtube or various websites. I’m not sure what course you’re studying?

goldenorbspider Sun 26-Jan-20 19:13:11

That's a good idea I'll ask! None of my peers know I'm autistic just the tutors, would rather not draw attention to myself that way.

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goldenorbspider Sun 26-Jan-20 19:14:07

I'm doing an access to science course, chemistry, biology and statistics. I love biology its taught with a tutor showing us slides, I find it really easy to follow as I'm very visual

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PenOrPencil Sun 26-Jan-20 19:42:40

If the teacher is a trainee then catering for students with SEN is part of their training. This could be a win-win situation for you both!
Could you write an email to the teacher, outline your difficulties and ideas how to help you and ask for a follow up meeting?

It would be helpful if you don’t contrast the trainee teacher’s teaching with the previous teacher’s teaching as that could be interpreted as a personal attack, especially if you tend to be a bit blunt. Better to say things like “I learn better when...”.

goldenorbspider Sun 26-Jan-20 20:18:22

That but of advice is golden! Thank you I'm terrible at wording things and I'm very aware I need help to pass this course and don't want to burn bridges

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