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PSHE resources/approaches re consent, inappropriate touch and language

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Eledamorena Tue 14-Jan-20 15:37:48

Hello all,

Does anyone have any pointers for delivering some really good PSHE to Year 10-11 regarding things like consent, how you talk to/about the opposite sex, respect etc?

Our current scheme is pretty poor on a lot of this stuff and we are having some issues among students at the moment so would like to address these issues particularly.

For context - things like boys playing a 'game' that involves commenting on girls' bums/boobs; pinging bra straps; and quite a lot of chat of a sexual nature. I'm not in the UK and we have a very international student body, but the dominant culture is conservative so in some ways these kids are kind of in a bubble... very few indeed would be sexually active in KS4, for example. Some are worryingly clueless about the actual ins and outs of sex (for want of a better phrase!!)

However, I need a really clear plan and some great resources because my DSL is involved and has no clue, but thinks he knows it all.... including talking to a girl who was basically groped by a boy and clearly did not wish to discuss the matter with him. Anyway that's a whole other thread...!

Any help would be much appreciated. I might post on the Feminism board about how to deal with an entitled male telling girls to fight back if a boy touches them (ignorant of the fact that this may well put them in more danger, or shame girls who freeze?!) and who thinks he can 'reach' the boys by talking to them about how they would feel if their mum/sister/girlfriend was spoken to like this... I might just send him some links to the responses Matt Damon got following his well-intentioned but VERY poorly-received comments during the #metoo movement!

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straighthairdontcare Wed 15-Jan-20 22:23:45

Have you showed them the tea video? This is a lighthearted way to look at the issue of consent in a non sexual framing. Not sure if it would be too subtle or childish though ( also could be a language barrier if not English). I show it to my year 10s and it goes down well, cheesy but gets the point across. It's on you tube.

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