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Thank yous for Christmas gifts?

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memaymamo Sun 15-Dec-19 06:23:15

I think thanking the child directly is enough. As a parent, I'd like to hear that DS's teacher liked the particular gift I picked out, but would consider a note to be overkill.

bananahood Fri 13-Dec-19 19:23:10

I do a personal thank you. Time consuming obviously but I get comments saying it was appreciated. Families don't need to buy me anything and I know for some it's a stretch so I want them to know that I am really grateful they've thought of me. I have colleagues who keep blank cards by their desks and write them as they go!

wasgoingmadinthecountry Fri 13-Dec-19 19:15:48

I like what sleepis said.

I'm primary nowadays so it's the little personal note from me. I was secondary when the dinosaurs roamed and just said thank you to the child.

Clammyclam Tue 10-Dec-19 20:31:23

I don't send anything
I thank verbally, tell them they are kind and ask that they also thank their adult who perhaps helped fund/choose.

The teachers in DD primary send thank you cards and the little ones love it, they come home in bookbags and are often addressed to the family.

But tbh by secondary I wouldn't.

However you could send a postcard home to the family and thank them? Maybe;
"Jimmy is making excellent progress in maths and is contributing well in lesson, warm regards and thank you for my gift

sleepismysuperpower1 Mon 09-Dec-19 18:12:03

could you get some chocolate bars and stick a label on saying 'merry christmas! thank you for your kind gifts, have a relaxing break'. and then give out to the whole class?

sunshinefordays Mon 09-Dec-19 14:42:53

Hi all,

Would love to hear some other perspectives - I'm a secondary school teacher (second year of teaching) and have started some Christmas gifts from my pupils.

Should I write thank you cards to them/their families? I normally write thank yous for all gifts I receive, but not sure if I should in this case? Could it be taken the wrong way?

Thank you for any thoughts!

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