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PGCE interview reading task - help please!

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namechangedyetagain Mon 11-Nov-19 06:29:14

It will be with a group of year 3 chn. The letter says I need to prepare 'a 20 minute reading activity'. That's it.

I was planning on reading voices in the park. Reading it through, then splitting them into 4 groups to discuss the way that each person saw their trip to the park. Then come back and discuss together with questioning. What makes you think that? Talk about the language, the illustrations, the colour. Is it ok not to play with someone because they are different?
This doesn't sound enough though and maybe not what they want at all! When I practiced with my dc they kept interrupting to ask me questions about the pictures!

Any ideas would be most welcome. I may be over thinking and now in a blind panic as been awake all nightshock.

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namechangedyetagain Mon 11-Nov-19 15:06:07

Sorry I didn't put Primary PGCE in the title.

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Caaarrrl Thu 14-Nov-19 19:37:15

I don't know if you've already done your interview, but it sounds good. I loved teaching voices in the park to year 3. My DD also used it for her teacher training interview and got accepted.

Good luck.

namechangedyetagain Sat 16-Nov-19 06:39:34

Yes I had my interview on Thursday and I have been offered a placesmile

I love the book so much. I ended up using it to look at inference and then using adjectives to describe feelings and thoughts. So much to do with that book!

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Caaarrrl Sat 16-Nov-19 09:15:18

Congratulations! I know people complain about teaching, and there are many problems, but at long as you go into it with your eyes wide open it can be great.

I love teaching and have never regretted my decision to change careers. As I said, my daughter is training to be a teacher, so she's but been put off.

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