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Some advice please (primary related)

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Ginghamricecakes Sun 10-Nov-19 20:23:49

Didn't want to scroll past this, sound like you are in a horrid situation.
Do you have any idea why this dislike you? Are they like this with other staff also?

I can relate to cliquey TA's, it can be really tricky. All I can say is kill them with kindness, show that you value their input if they work with you, treat them with respect and stay out of the petty drama/gossip and they shouldn't have anything bad to say about you. If they do, you can be safe in the knowledge that it's nothing that you can avoid, and look at moving to a different key stage or school if SLT can't put a stop to it.

Best of luck xx

DewDropsonKittens Sun 10-Nov-19 18:46:21

I am new to primary, I am a DSL and Family Worker.

The T.A's mostly are nice, however there are a small group that absolutely seem to hate me.

They say things as I walk away or they watch / interrupt when speaking to a child

My HOS said they're all being spoken to about their negativity and to go back to her in a week if it continues..

Does anyone have any advice?

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