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GCSE English exam marking

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Cynderella Fri 01-Nov-19 12:42:39

Back in the day, I marked GCSE papers. I started with Language and then settled with Lit. I called it a day when online marking started, but in the last couple of years have taken on A' Level marking,

Part of my retirement plan is to do more marking. I know people who mark for AQA and Eduqas, but only for Language. They make it sound horrendous: unpaid seeds, tedious dragging and dropping of comments, text boxes where you can only read small sections of a response ...

My A' Level marking is very different. I read whole pages of an essay and there are no unpaid seeds.

Any markers of GCSE English Lit who can tell me what it's like and whether there's a big difference betweeb boards? I've taught all but OCR at GCSE.

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Cynderella Fri 01-Nov-19 12:43:13

* between

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