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thoseendlessdays Wed 30-Oct-19 20:21:33

What would you think was preferable ? formal termly observations replaced by informal observation weekly with written feedback on how to improve ?

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helloisitmeyourelookingfor Wed 30-Oct-19 20:30:43


thoseendlessdays Wed 30-Oct-19 20:43:59

Agreed but not an option !

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helloisitmeyourelookingfor Wed 30-Oct-19 20:46:16

Worth a try

I'd prefer termly with an opportunity to discuss the lesson as part of the feedback process

grafittiartist Wed 30-Oct-19 20:47:23

Informal but more regular I think.
Less pressure. The work that goes into an observation always feels a bit false- you couldn't prep like that all the time.
Or maybe I'm just a bit crap!!

MatildaCat Wed 30-Oct-19 20:49:44

More regular, less formal. Think it's a truer indication to slt of what's happening around school and means crap teachers can't turn it on for a week or so. I can get lazy and this would keep me creative and organised.

noblegiraffe Wed 30-Oct-19 20:53:58

Who the fuck has time to do weekly observations with written feedback for actual qualified teachers? It’s a pain in the arse enough going it for trainees.

I’d go for weekly just cos it will never happen.

thoseendlessdays Wed 06-Nov-19 18:44:52

So if those informal observations were filmed and then shown to the rest of staff to critique ?

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SavoyCabbage Wed 06-Nov-19 18:46:17


noblegiraffe Wed 06-Nov-19 18:52:53

Union advice is that you can refuse to be filmed and there should be no pressure on you at all to comply.

thoseendlessdays Wed 06-Nov-19 18:54:21

Interesting ,thanks for that .

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noblegiraffe Wed 06-Nov-19 18:55:42

IRIS is the popular system for filming teachers, NASUWT guidance is on the second page here:

TheFallenMadonna Wed 06-Nov-19 18:56:52

Blimey. If I had weekly filmed observations, however informal, I would be leaving sharpish.

thoseendlessdays Wed 06-Nov-19 18:59:59

I am starting to think I should be moving on .

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Piggywaspushed Wed 06-Nov-19 19:26:43

My gob is smacked.

BeingATwatItsABingThing Wed 06-Nov-19 19:30:34

I prefer to know when I‘m going to be observed. Drop ins just mean I panic for the whole period that they might be coming.

Videoing would be awful! I’d be out by Christmas and refusing to teach whilst they were in my room with a camera.

RemusLupinsBiggestGroupie Wed 06-Nov-19 19:51:41

Are they genuinely proposing filming observations and showing to all staff? They wouldn't have a leg to stand on. Fine for somebody to agree to be filmed and shown but not at all fine to enforce this on people.

thoseendlessdays Wed 06-Nov-19 20:06:22

Without outing myself can say definitely issues with permission.

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RemusLupinsBiggestGroupie Wed 06-Nov-19 20:27:39

Give the union a ring?

superram Wed 06-Nov-19 20:30:06

I think both options are against union guidelines. Not that that means anything is done twatyish multi academy trust. Just leave.

helloisitmeyourelookingfor Wed 06-Nov-19 21:30:58

I quite like video observations BUT we film them ourselves so no one in the classroom other than the usual teacher and support staff and they are only shared with the people we choose to share them with. We watch them back together and discuss the content. Then the video is deleted.

I've learnt a lot about my own practice but can totally understand why people would be wary of them

MsJaneAusten Wed 06-Nov-19 22:22:48

Either of those are way above union guidelines:

cansu Thu 07-Nov-19 20:40:27

Bloody hell. Termly with notice would be better but unless there are issues with performance then I think this is excessive too. I would not be happy with a weekly observation at all. I would also not accept to be filmed for general critiquing. I think if they suggested this where I worked, I would be job hunting but in the meantime be requesting to sit in and observe some SMT lessons for my own professional development. I am sure the focus on observation might die down then!

thoseendlessdays Thu 07-Nov-19 22:00:05

But apparently this is to support our wellbeing !

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BeingATwatItsABingThing Fri 08-Nov-19 07:16:33

What is their reasoning as to how this will support wellbeing?

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