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Ideas for SEN

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I’m an ALNCo at a through school. I have about 56 SEN pupils and 23 staff on my team.

I really want to improve the ALN team and the provision we provide for our pupils.

What does your school provide in regards to provision and support for pupils and parents?
How do you motivate staff?


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BackforGood Wed 16-Oct-19 20:28:47

Well, the support is going to depend on the need.
It's going to depend on what provision is required to support those needs.

i Know that however I was hoping for some information that would be telling to the needs ie Talkabout, socially speaking etc would automatically lead me in to knowing the need was socially based.

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BackforGood Wed 16-Oct-19 21:39:33

I'm confused by your last post.
It reads as if you would find out the need, by knowing what the provision is ? confused That doesn't make sense.

tbh, you've asked the same question in lots of places and not got answers in any (I've just been on 'Unanswered Threads').
There are loads of knowledgeable people on MN, but you need to be a bit clearer about what it is you want to know.

As a SENCo you can know what needs an intervention targets. As stated in my previous post.

I posted on the education threads around 3 hrs ago to gain a professional and parental perspective. Hence posting in three different places.

I am simply looking to see what provision and support schools offer and what support and provision pupils and parents get.

Not quite sure why you seem to be so disgruntled by my post.......

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BackforGood Wed 16-Oct-19 22:56:01

I was just trying to see if I could help, but was not clear what you are asking.

As I'm still no clearer, I'll just leave the thread. I'm not disgruntled in the least. It's just difficult to answer such a massively broad question, hence trying to find out what it is you are wanting help with.

fedup21 Wed 16-Oct-19 23:01:46

As a SENCo you can know what needs an intervention targets

I am a SENCo. I’m not sure what you are asking either?

I am simply asking what provision and support schools offer to parents and pupils?

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littlecupcake Tue 22-Oct-19 18:32:33

Have a look at the Local Offer on school websites - some go into lots of detail. You might find what you're looking for there?

Beveren Sun 03-Nov-19 11:41:05

In general, it would be really helpful if school SENCos would get people like IPSEA or SOS SEN in to talk about the law relating to SEN, the EHC assessment process, and what should be in EHCPs. The training local authorities give in this area seems to be universally really poor and, in some cases, positively misleading, and help from SENCos who really know what the legal duties are would be really valuable to parents and children.

fartingrainbows Mon 04-Nov-19 07:20:58

Ok so you just want to know what provision schools offer. In our primary we do:
Reading recovery, maths recovery, better reading partners, fisher family trust, thrive class based and individual interventions, socially speaking, numbers and patterns, speech and language therapy groups, fiddly fingers five motor skills group, write from the start (visual perception intervention) meditation sessions as class, group and individuals, Thinc sessions, friendship groups, confidence building groups, Lego therapy, read write A-Z, dyslexia screening, beat dyslexia.
There are many many different interventions and strategies out there though, you need to work out where your greatest needs are first then choose suitable interventions.

fartingrainbows Mon 04-Nov-19 07:27:57

Support for parents:
Training in ADHD strategies, Asc, coffee mornings to come and chat, Senco surgeries, IEP and (where relevant) EHCP meetings, home meetings if needed, home to school transport if needed, strategies that follow a child home. Sensory profiling with a sensory diet in school and out. Social stories that go home with children:

How do you motivate staff?
They're motivated by wanting to help the children and see progress I think, it's not something we need to push really. Are you finding your staff team of 23 are quite set in their ways? If so, how about sending them to visit other provisions in the area in groups of 3 or 4 and come back with one idea that they'd like to try? Also plenty of training so they feel skilled and competent. A lot of the time demotivation is caused by lack of confidence and feeling under valued and overlooked. So make sure they are part of the process rather than having a load of new interventions thrown at them.

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