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Volunteering in a primary school

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letsgomaths Wed 09-Oct-19 16:57:29

My main occupation is tutoring teenagers in some GCSE and A-level subjects, but I'm considering taking up being a primary school teaching assistant, to broaden my experience. However, to get an idea about if I really want to do this, I am thinking of volunteering in a primary school, perhaps helping with maths, computing, singing, or whatever they need.

What's the usual way to go about this? When I was at university back in 2000 I took part in an organised scheme of volunteering in primary schools, which I loved, but for this I'd have to apply independently. Is the best way to email the head teacher of a school, explain what I could offer, and suggest coming in for a chat? (I am DBS checked.)

How much do primary schools welcome volunteers, especially those who are not "known" to them, and who are not parents? Although I vividly remember being a child at primary school in the 1980s, and outsiders were always coming in to do this or that, I expect things have changed a lot since then, and primary school time is far more structured than it used to be.

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Bucatini Wed 09-Oct-19 17:01:11

IME they would welcome volunteers. You could email the head, or maybe just pop into the reception desk and make the offer.

PandaTurtle Wed 09-Oct-19 17:05:13

I think they would be very glad - would e-mail the Head or the school and take it from there.

Hoppinggreen Wed 09-Oct-19 17:06:03

They will probably be pleased to have you but you might have to get another DBS. At DS Primary you have to have one for the setting, I had an NHS one and a CQC one and still had to do another when I joined the PTA

Rockbird Wed 09-Oct-19 17:07:53

Yes you'll need a new DBS but they'll love you. Schools love volunteers.

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