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Personal statement for SLT/SENCO application

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SabineSchmetterling Fri 27-Sep-19 19:17:46

6 sides seems very long to me. I wrote two for my AHT application last year. We were explicitly asked not to write more than that. I know from being on interview panels with her that our Head is not impressed when candidates ignore that and send in longer statements or when they don’t follow the instructions so I made sure that I kept to the prompt questions and didn’t go over 2 sides. If it doesn’t specify a limit then I’d be less worried about it being a bit longer but wouldn’t do 6 sides. You need to leave yourself things to talk about in the interview too.

bettyboo40 Fri 27-Sep-19 15:49:37

For recent SLT and HOY positions in my school, the (quite new) HT liked letters that were several pages long! Certainly not the norm though. Those who had only written 2 sides didn't get shortlisted, and were very annoyed about it!

PotteringAlong Fri 27-Sep-19 13:43:29

Yes! 2 A4 sides max!

Scatterbrainbox Fri 27-Sep-19 13:39:36

Brill thanks. Editing is underway!!

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LolaSmiles Fri 27-Sep-19 13:30:25

The last SLT roles I've interviewed for I was told to do 2-25 sides maximum, highlight the key points and leave the rest to discuss at interview.
That was the advice given to me by multiple current SLT post holders.

Scatterbrainbox Fri 27-Sep-19 13:27:48

I'm applying for my first SLT role. It's a fairly substantial role in a large school and to address all of the person spec my personal statement currently stands at 6 A4 sides.
Way too long??

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