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Teachers and state pension?

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Lookingsparkly Fri 06-Sep-19 21:05:01

Try this:

fedup21 Fri 06-Sep-19 10:59:38

I have just been following another thread about changes to the state pension. I had naively thought that although my teaching pension is screwed by being part time to raise a family, my state pension shouldn’t be (my dad gets the same state pension amount as my mum) and was hopefully that as long as I’d been either claiming child benefit or paying NI, it wouldn’t matter if I was part time.

However, I then googled and found this:-

Does anyone know anything about teachers pensions (we are on the list of jobs this happened to) being ‘contracted out’, meaning we haven’t paid full NI contributions?

Anyone out there better than me at Maths can tell me what this might mean for our pensions or should I be ringing the union?

@noblegiraffe am I right in thinking you know a thing or two about maths?

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