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Teachers pension in divorce

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dorothysredshoes Wed 04-Sep-19 20:13:14


Please help. Getting divorced. Husband wants my teachers pension valuing. I contacted teachers pension services they told me to fill in a CETV form. My husband has said this is not acceptable and not a true valuation of what it's worth.
Any advice , has anyone been in this situation?
I have not taught for 15 years - only paid in for 7 years. I am financially clueless.
Thanks smile

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dorothysredshoes Wed 04-Sep-19 20:39:24

Maybe I should post this in divorce?

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stucknoue Wed 04-Sep-19 20:44:35

The proper way costs a lot of money, we were quoted over £800! Instead we are choosing for me to get a set percentage on retirement, I'm aiming for 25% each month

HappyHolidays75 Wed 04-Sep-19 20:51:03

I used the cetv value.

Racmactac Wed 04-Sep-19 21:00:06

Well then tell him to pay for an actuary report which will cost him £1500. He is being ridiculous

MrsElijahMikaelson1 Wed 04-Sep-19 21:17:00

If he wants it, he can sort it and he can pay!

dorothysredshoes Wed 04-Sep-19 21:44:45

That's what I said. He can pay for an actuary to sort it out. Seems ridiculous waste of money though. He keeps blinding me with science talking about annuities etc so think it's best I get proper advice . Thanks for replies.

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ArabellaRockerfella Tue 10-Sep-19 20:41:27

I phoned them and said I need a current valuation for divorce purposes and they knew exactly what I needed. I received it a few weeks later.

echt Thu 12-Sep-19 10:13:06

I have not taught for 15 years - only paid in for 7 years. I am financially clueless.

And he's a royal numpty if he thinks he'll get much from 7 years of service. Tell the silly fecker to go for the actuary report. He'll soooooo regret it.

purplemagnet Thu 12-Sep-19 10:19:42

You can get one free report every 12 months - and choose between an estimate or a full cetv.

After that, if you want another (either of the above), you gave to pay for it - about £190.

An actuary is something else again. Why does he want an actuary report? Does he think it'd yield a greater pension value re yourself?

dorothysredshoes Wed 18-Sep-19 21:45:42

I've phoned the pension advisory service and they are calling me back for a free 45 min chat. Hopefully they can help me understand things more.
He wants a correct valuation of my pension so he can deduct the amount from what I receive from his pension pot.

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