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Thinking of going into teaching

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misspopsicle Tue 03-Sep-19 13:15:02

I'm wondering if anyone can help.

Firstly, I'm a little bit older. I'm early 40s. I did my degree recently and got a 2:1 but am wondering if I'm too old to start my PGDE? I'm in Scotland. I also don't have Higher English so I do need to get that first.

Also what would I need to do beforehand to give myself the best chance of getting a place at uni. Classroom experience - how much? And anything else which might give me an advantage?

Thanks in advance!

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SansaSnark Tue 03-Sep-19 17:49:46

I don't think you're too old- I did my PGCE last year in England, and there were some people at uni with me in their 40s. One did drop out as he decided teaching wasn't what he thought it would be, but the others enjoyed the course, did well and have secured teaching jobs for next year. So it's definitely doable in your 40s!

In terms of getting a place, 2 weeks used to be the minimum recommended amount in England- I would check uni websites to see what they suggest. As well as this, voluntary or work experience with young people in the age or stage you want to teach helps. But they are also looking for people who have the skills to make good teachers, so when you apply do highlight any previous work experience which you think might help you in teaching!

What age/subject would you be looking to teach?

Milicentbystander72 Tue 03-Sep-19 17:55:07

I'm 47. Last year I was looking to do a PGSE as I was feeling bored and unfulfilled in my career. I register on the 'Get into Teaching' website and they were so attentive, practically bit my hand off! I got a personal mentor to apply and he said that my age was no barrier at all and in fact many schools prefer experience (that comes with age). Not sure if there's an equivalent in Scotland? I know the equivalent website in Wales isn't as quite as good.

I ended up not applying for various reasons but my age was definitely not one of them.

misspopsicle Wed 04-Sep-19 17:47:52

Thank you both!

I think probably first half of primary but really would be happy to teach any primary age. It's a daunting thought at the mo but I really need a change.

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SansaSnark Wed 04-Sep-19 18:20:22

In England, there are "train to teach" events that allow you to find out a bit more about your options and talk to current teachers- e.g here:

It might be worth looking for something similar in Scotland?

Bowerbird5 Sat 07-Sep-19 16:58:22

I'm in England but we have had loads of mature students in the past and two of our teachers were TA first then completed PGCE in their late 40's go for it. If you need the Higher English then will you do that alongside or first as if first see if you can volunteer in a school.

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