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whyayepetal Wed 24-Jul-19 10:25:28

My daughter has just left school, having transferred two years ago to a different local school for sixth form. Here, her experience has been great (not perfect, no school is!), and we have really appreciated the difference that can be made by teachers who are mostly kind, fair, knowledgeable and treat the older students with respect. Not surprisingly, the students then relate similarly to their teachers! Thanks to all of you who manage to work like this despite the huge pressures you are all under. You are probably too exhausted to be reading this, but you are pure star

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Mistressiggi Mon 29-Jul-19 17:48:53

Thank you very much, though possibly a backhanded compliment with regard to other teachers! We do mostly, most of the time, all aim to do as you say. And many student aren't respectful back, despite all that.
But I'm really glad your dd has had a good experience and I wish her luck with whatever she moves on to now.

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