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Back to work mum guilt

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Allthehummus Thu 18-Jul-19 10:17:50

I completed my PGCE a couple of years ago & fell pregnant fairly soon afterwards & has DC2 last year . I wasnt planning on looking for anything until she was nearer 3 but a job came up that sounded lovely - HLTA / PPA Cover 3 days a week in a local school . The salary isn’t too far off what id get as an NQT. I applied for it in a whim really , went for an interview and was offered the role . I’m not going to make a huge amount after childcare but thought it wokld be worth it as you don’t often see these types of roles advertised on a PT basis round here & I’ve noticed the school seems to ha e a very low staff turnover which I’m joking is a good sign . It’s a ten minute drive away & I would like to do this fur a couple of years then hopefully complete my NQT year once DC are older . In the meantime this will keep me in the
Loop a bit, pension up to date and a bit of extra money a month although no a huge amount . Got a lovely feel for the school while I was there & since been back to meet people properly all v friendly . Lovely childminder found for DC (older one
in Y2 at school) so all good. And yet ... I’m getting cold feet. I suddenly feel very guilty I’m going to be leaving DC2 while she’s so tiny . I would never back our now & leave the school in the lurch but I just want someone who’s been there & done it to tell me will be ok ? Older DC is generally happy & settled in school and knows the childminder well but I’m worried she’s so used to me picking her up every day . My hours are expected to be in are from about 8-15 until 3.45 so again no where near as long as a teaching day . I’ll have my own PPA time too one afternoon a week . I do get a bit bored and Lonely as a SAHM but I’m just having a massive attack of the guilt !

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CheesecakeAddict Thu 18-Jul-19 19:26:38

It will be great. I suffered major mum guilt and almost packed in my career over it. Dd is thriving now and I'm so glad I didn't and because she was so tiny (8 months) when I shipped her off to nursery, she got used to it so quickly. It sounds like a fab role, and if you read the other boards, how many sahps are struggling to get back into work, I'd grab it. Worst case scenario, you hate it and leave, but at least you gave it a shot. But I'd give it a good year before making any decisions.

Allthehummus Thu 18-Jul-19 22:10:06

Thank you cheesecake

Yes I feel that I’m so anxious about going back after a year off I’ve got no idea how I’d find the confidence after 3/4 !

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elephantoverthehill Thu 18-Jul-19 22:15:19

I have been a FT teacher for many years. All my 3 Dcs were put into nursery and or childminders. I think it has given them far more social skills and confidence.. Good luck.

fedup21 Thu 18-Jul-19 22:22:20

I’m sure it will be fine! I went back part time when DS was 17 weeks-maternity rights didn’t used to be as good!

HLTA / PPA Cover 3 days a week in a local school . The salary isn’t too far off what id get as an NQT.

Have they been quite clear about take home pay? TA/HLTA pay is usually pro rata (based on 37.5 hours/all year, rather than school hours/38 weeks) so take home is usually much lower than an NQT, even though it initially looks good on the advert.

NavyBerry Fri 19-Jul-19 08:18:10

It will get better! I was in massive panic when I went back to work with my DD being 16 months. We are very happy now))) give it a try!

Allthehummus Fri 19-Jul-19 13:25:17

Thank you all for responding, good to hear so many positive stories - feeling calmer today !

fedup you’re right I wasn’t very clear but they have been clear snout the pay, it was more that with the HLTA job I’ll only need to pay for childminder from 8-4 whereas if it was NQT I’d get paid more but it would be eaten up by having both of them with childminder more like 730-6 (rough guess!)

I really want to do my NQT year but I’m in no rush until younger one is at nursery at least & id love to
Find somewhere that would let me do it part time

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