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Teachers - Would you like this present?

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Twotome Wed 17-Jul-19 19:51:21

Would you like a Gift Bag of Stationery from a parent with:

Academic Diary
Post it Notes
Blu Tac
Paper clips/Bulldog clips/Pins
Pritt Stick
Pencil Case

And is there anything else you’d find useful?

Or do you find stationery gifts rubbish?

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ScarlettDarling Wed 17-Jul-19 19:53:46

I'd love the nice diary and maybe the pencil case but couldn't get excited about the rest. Having said that, any gift is a lovely gesture and always gratefully received. You're lovely for putting thought and effort into it.

mamaduckbone Wed 17-Jul-19 19:54:48

Personally I love stationery! I would go for a nice notebook rather than a diary though as we're provided with school diaries. Coloured pens for marking would be a nice addition.

PurpleDaisies Wed 17-Jul-19 19:55:11

Not the diary-get one with work.

To be honest, I have all that for myself. What I’d like is a class set of glue sticks or whiteboard pens.

ThePurpleHeffalump Wed 17-Jul-19 19:55:35

Always useful! Perhaps a notebook rather than a diary, more versatile.
Small button magnets are great for pinning notes like ‘ Beelzebub is going home with Magnesium’

RageAgainstTheVendingMachine Wed 17-Jul-19 19:59:40

You can never have enough non-permanent whiteboard pens!

cantthinkofanythingwitty Wed 17-Jul-19 20:03:14

Anything with stationery is a winner for me..... board markers are always good though

Junobug Wed 17-Jul-19 20:03:53

I would honestly love all of that. But I'd rather less, but nicer things that school don't buy us like fancy post-it notes and bulldog clips. Paper chase do some lovely buts, as do sainsburys occasionally.

Junobug Wed 17-Jul-19 20:04:24


CraftyGin Wed 17-Jul-19 20:10:52

I would not value that gift at all, OP.

The main thing is the academic diary, but we are all issued with planners, which are much more useful. The rest is pound shop stuff, which I’d probably give to my DD.

I’d be happy with a £6 bottle of Sauvignon blanc.

Twotome Wed 17-Jul-19 20:11:54

Thank you for all the replies.

Will grab whiteboard pens and a notebook.

Hope you all have a lovely summer smile

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Nofunkingworriesmate Wed 17-Jul-19 20:16:24

No! Stationary is not a gift to say thank you
They get that stuff for free including school diary
Heartfelt note

CraftyGin Wed 17-Jul-19 20:23:38

Pamperry stuff.

Not work stuff.

PurpleDaisies Wed 17-Jul-19 20:29:22

Not flowers-loads go away straight after term ends.

Twotome Wed 17-Jul-19 20:45:30

I guess the same with any gift then - some will like and some not.

Thanks again for your replies.

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JamieFraserskiltspeaksout Wed 17-Jul-19 21:24:57

I would love any gift. It always makes me feel special. You're very kind and considerate op flowers

Ivegotthree Wed 17-Jul-19 21:48:04

Pritt Stick and paper clips?

You're having a laugh OP! We're giving our teachers vouchers and wine!

Twotome Wed 17-Jul-19 22:31:43

@JamieFraserskiltspeaksout smile

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ThePurpleHeffalump Wed 17-Jul-19 22:36:08

I have a feeling it’s mostly teachers, probably primary, that are delighted by your ideas. We always run out of stationery.
I have a very full wine rack, but we don’t drink wine!

ThePurpleHeffalump Wed 17-Jul-19 22:43:07

Oh, and CraftyGin works in the Independent Secondary sector grin and has probably never faced the resource issues that have me buying stuff from the pound shop so children can both write and draw straight lines.

Twotome Wed 17-Jul-19 22:49:39

Thanks @ThePurpleHeffalump I was starting to worry I’d made a terrible choice.

I know my children’s school are really struggling with the funding cuts so was hoping it would be a useful gift.

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fruitpastille Wed 17-Jul-19 23:03:33

I would find it lovely that someone had been so thoughtful. Post it notes in fun shapes like speech bubbles would be nice.

Terrarium Wed 17-Jul-19 23:09:43

Omg, I'd be thrilled that anyone wanted to make me a gift bag of anything!

School glues are cheap and rubbish. Having a nice extra strong pritt stick for my desk would be heaven grin

Terrarium Wed 17-Jul-19 23:10:47

PS. I'm secondary.

JMC5 Wed 17-Jul-19 23:14:22

Totally agree with Nofunkingworriesmate and Crafty gin.
A gift should be to show appreciation- wine, chocolates, book, voucher. Not work related. And no flowers as previously mentioned as everyone leaves ASAP.

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