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Working in England having trained in Scotland

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BloomsButtons Mon 08-Jul-19 19:21:11

My DH has been told there may be a promotion coming up in his company and if he is successful it would mean us moving to Yorkshire.

I've just completed my Probationary year and would be looking to carry in teaching if we end up moving.

Can you tell me what things I'd need to be aware of? Here I have a GTCS registration, what is the equivalent in England? Is Ofsted really so bad? Am I mad to even consider it?

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be47 Thu 11-Jul-19 18:59:52

I moved down from Glasgow to London in 2016 - as long as you've done your probation year you can apply for QTS online as there's an equivalency agreement in place (or at least there was 3 years ago).

Other than that, it's literally fine? If anything I prefer it, behaviour at my current school is WAY better than my last school and as I grew up in England I understand the system well. I honestly don't think it would be an issue - and if you move at the summer you get a glorious 8-9 weeks off!

As for Ofsted - if your SLT are normal humans it's not too bad, and even if they push you loads in the run up it's ultimately only a few days once every few years. I found the lack of oversight/accountability in the Scottish system kind of alarming to be honest.

Feel free to ask any other questions though - you definitely aren't mad to be considering it!

BloomsButtons Fri 12-Jul-19 13:47:20

Thank you for the response b47. It's all a bit up in the air at the minute but it's reassuring to read that it's not to scary a move.

We're on the west coast just now so a move east and south could be a nice change.

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