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What should I tell future employers?

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Ilovewheelychairs Fri 28-Jun-19 08:11:04


So I relocated at the end of last academic year and got a new job. It's been a nightmare since day one, SLT are hugely negative, am bullied by line manager/co-workers etc. So I handed in my notice. I am currently also off sick with depression/anxiety directly related to the bullying I have received; the whole job has been a disaster and hugely destructive to my mental health.

My question is, what do I now say at interview to my future employers? I'm currently off sick which I know looks awful to start with but it's literally just this job; all my previous employment has been brilliant with excellent references. The problem also is I live in a small place and we all know HT's talk... I don't want to badmouth my current employers but also don't want a future employer to think I'm a bad risk due to poor mental health?

Any advice would be welcomed! Thanks!

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Cynderella Fri 28-Jun-19 10:37:33

If you say (on your application form) that you are leaving for personal reasons, to follow new opportunities or use some other bland phrase, you may or may not be prompted to explain at interview.

You then either say that you were unhappy at the school because it just wasn't the right school for you or you say it was domestic circumstances that have since changed. That'll be enough.

If you don't go straight into another permanent post, try to get at least a term's work at another school, so you can then use them as a referee.

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