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TA or back to Uni

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user1497611129 Thu 27-Jun-19 13:20:09

I am due to start uni in September on the Early Childhood degree and i am having a bit of a wobble what i should do. Ive been to Uni before back in 2009 and left the course after the first year as i hated it. It wasn't child based. Ive waited until my youngest starts school to get myself back on track and now I'm there I'm unsure of what to do for the best. Initially i had my sights set on Primary Teaching but i have been swayed away from this from friends already in the role. The course is for 3 years then 1 year minimum to specialise in a role. I am planning on re siting my GCSE Maths English Science 1 qualification each year as an evening course. I did them as 'equivalent' qualifications to enable me to get onto the course back in 2009 but its a bit hit and miss if they are recognised across the board. This sounds like a hell of a lot of work for a career I'm uncertain on and I'm seriously considering TA work instead. Those that are TAs how have you found getting a job, the role and whats the 'day in the life of a TA'?

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fedup21 Thu 27-Jun-19 13:55:43


I wouldn’t go near teaching with a barge pole at the moment. TA jobs are lovely, but... like hen’s teeth as anyone with kids wants a job working those hours and the pay is shockingly bad. Like minimum wage bad.

What was your first degree in that you dropped out of?

user1497611129 Thu 27-Jun-19 15:46:31

Adult nursing, I've spoken to a couple of agencies and my situation at the minute would allow me to be able to take on agency TA and then keep a look out. Like you saying Teaching sadly is out. Its more a case of i don't want to be at home all day once both children are in school come september.

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Guardsman18 Thu 27-Jun-19 15:58:02

Two things - haven't got much time sorry! - colleagues of mine did their degrees in Learning support/Early learning part time whilst working as TA's. They had a lot of support and thoroughly enjoyed it although wasn't easy as they had young dc's.

I have been a supply TA for years and have never been out of work. Obviously there is no security - wouldn't be able to get a mortgage etc but if that's ok for you ... It depends on your age too. Could you try it for a school year? Sorry if I've missed anything, but ds wanting lift!

UnderPompeii Thu 27-Jun-19 17:52:43

TAs are very poorly paid so you definitely couldn't live off the salary, I am a TA but my DH is the breadwinner and my money is top up money. I am actually a qualified teacher but hell would have to freeze over before I would go back to teaching.
Obviously the holidays are great especially if you have kids, and you do get to switch off once you leave the building. No 2 days are the same, the job is so varied and although the main focus is of course being there to help the children learn, you could be doing anything from helping a child who's had a toilet accident, to first aid, to playground duty, displays, running clubs, lunchtime duty, dealing with behaviour, I could go on. I love the variety but you never know what's coming.
I would also say that many TA jobs are being cut due to budgets, my hours are being halved in September to only 2 days a week.
@Guardsman18 I am interested in supply TA, I am thinking of approaching an agency in the Summer as I will have 3 days a week free in Sept.

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