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Interview question 'do you have any questions?'

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StrongerThanIThought76 Mon 17-Jun-19 19:19:50

So I have 2 interviews coming up. Always hate this part of the interview - they have spent half a day getting to know you and you've already asked the kids/receptionist/other staff a million questions. What's the right thing to say here?

I've got a few questions for each role but hoping these can be cleared up beforehand. Is it ok to say not really?

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mawof3soontobe Mon 17-Jun-19 19:23:31

Always finish with "I did have a few questions in mind at the beginning but you've already provided me with the answers during our time thank you!"

Sounds better than not really, and also gives them the impression they've been informative and you've come prepared

IdLikeToKeepItOnPlease Mon 17-Jun-19 19:23:49

It’s fine to say no, I interview candidates regularly and most people don’t have a question or ask something which has been covered through the rest of the interview anyway.

I’ve been asked what it is that makes me stay at my current role which was a nice change, but I wasn’t prepared at all!

If the questions you have prepared are sorted before the end of the interview, just say exactly that “I had planned to ask about progression but you covered that earlier on”. Shows you had thought about it before interview too.

Good luck!

swashbucklecheer Mon 17-Jun-19 19:24:27

I usually say no questions but I just want to say thanks for the opportunity to speak to you. Usually they seem pretty happy with that

Saucery Mon 17-Jun-19 19:24:46

Show how you prepared by saying you were going to ask a question about X, Y or Z but the thoroughness of the interview has covered what you wanted to know.

JassyRadlett Mon 17-Jun-19 19:28:16

I always ask how the interviewer would describe the culture of the team/workplace. It can really separate out places that value their staff and those who see them as units of production.

Don’t know if it would be appropriate at a school, but I can’t imagine why it wouldn’t be? Basically you’re asking them why it’s a great place to work.

student26 Mon 17-Jun-19 19:30:49

I ask about CPD opportunities and whether they want people to offer for after school clubs. Those are my go to questions. But just say thank you very much and hope to see them again soon. Good luck!

Greenandcabbagelooking Fri 21-Jun-19 20:42:19

I like to ask “what do you think is the hardest thing about being a teacher at XYZ school?”

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