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AIBU to ask how you moved into management/leadership (primary) ?

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AnOfficerAtLeastOneRankHigher Mon 17-Jun-19 18:58:50

Did you take responsibility for a core subject? Become phase leader and then step up?

Basically I don't want to be a full time class teacher anymore. Sick of constant demands and extras that are asked for all the time. I've decided that the only way out is up - but how?

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reefedsail Mon 17-Jun-19 19:39:23

It depends where you live.

If you are in a glamourless edge of the London fringe, just apply for a Leadership post. They'll be glad of an applicant with a heartbeat.

If you are in a beautiful area of the West country, do everything you can to feather your CV- whole school responsibility where you can demonstrate impact is a must, and wangle your way onto any area initiatives you can. Delivering courses for the NQT cohorts, cross-school moderation groups etc.

pinksquash13 Sun 23-Jun-19 18:42:49

I started as part of the English team, leaving spag. Then became English lead. Then assistant head teacher. SE of England.

annie987 Mon 24-Jun-19 11:42:30

Just be aware that the constant demands do not lessen in leadership. Quite the opposite!

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