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Lsa pay

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BrutusMcDogface Sun 16-Jun-19 18:28:11

Hello all!

I’m looking at an lsa job at the moment but was just wondering if someone could tell me what the take home pay might be, please? It’s band b and the hours are 8.45-1.00. I have lots of kids so would have to pay for breakfast club and a childminder so am thinking I might actually make a loss!

Any advice most welcome! Thank you 😊

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Tarrarra Sun 16-Jun-19 18:32:32

In our local authority it's around £10 per hour.

tumpymummy Mon 17-Jun-19 00:14:47

Yeap, apx £10 hr here too. Unfortunately working in schools is not well paid.

MyCatHasStaff Mon 17-Jun-19 00:28:54

The pay is rubbish. Also, it's pro rated, so although you get paid 12 months of the year, you are only paid for (usually) 39 weeks.

MsChookandtheelvesofFahFah Mon 17-Jun-19 13:04:07

Maybe £700 a month after NI and pension contributions? More if you don't join the pension scheme. That's for 12 equal payments.

BrutusMcDogface Mon 17-Jun-19 14:16:30

Thanks all! Now I need to find out how much the breakfast club will cost; why on Earth don’t they just publish their prices online?! Grr!

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