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Compressed hours

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point8 Sun 16-Jun-19 18:09:56

I'm currently on maternity leave with baby 2, born last August, going back for the last week of term. I was 4 days per week after my first child and have given notice to return on a 0.8 timetable with the same specific day off weeks ago. This week I got an email asking if I'd consider increasing my teaching load by 3 hours a fortnight to cover a shortfall in my department, but to keep my day off by stacking my PPAs onto it. If I say no it will go to a non-specialist, but as HOD it will be my responsibility to support them so still adds to my workload! (There's already an established non specialist and he can't take on any more so will be a random who's never taught my subject before)

Am I crazy to be considering this? Or is it going to be too much? I really struggled for about half a term after my last mat leave but hope the timing is better this term with the fresh start in September. Pay will obviously increase but that's not a driving consideration

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likeafishneedsabike Mon 17-Jun-19 07:57:13

OP, this is a tricky situation. So basically you’ll be teaching four days a week without PPAs? If that’s the case, then you will need the fourth day as a work day, not a day with your baby. I actually quite like the idea of blocked PPA at home, but not if you’re looking after a baby!

DippyAvocado Mon 17-Jun-19 08:05:39

I'm doing similar in September, paid extra for PPA at home, but my DC are at school. I honestly think you will want to spend the day off with your baby. I think the purpose of your working part-time will be lost. Could you arrange a set time in school to support the non-specialised so it doesn't add too much to your workload? Can you arrange things so they have the least taxing part of the subject to teach? (Sorry, am primary so not sure how it works at secondary).

noblegiraffe Mon 17-Jun-19 08:07:00

No, don’t do it. 4 full days with no PPA would be awful in any circumstance, but coming back from maternity leave when you tend to be more tired anyway?

Those three extra lessons would create planning and marking, as well as the physical act of standing in front of them and teaching. It would be less work to get a non-specialist for three hours a fortnight.

AuntMarch Mon 17-Jun-19 08:27:29

I know someone who does it, her PPA is technically the morning of her "day off", but instead her husband takes the kids out for the morning at the weekend and has some dad and daughter time while she has some quiet time to work. She does a bit some evenings too, but every teacher I know does that!

JustTheCrowsAndTheBeef Mon 17-Jun-19 10:36:57

Another one saying no. You will use so much of your evenings and weekends trying to catch up that you will lose any of the balance that PT hours should supposedly give you. In your position I would seriously consider going full-time.

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