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I've been told to teach a diff yr group next year but I don't want to.

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fedup21 Thu 27-Jun-19 13:58:36

If your specialism is the you get children and the other teacher’s is the older ones, what was her reason for putting you with the older children?

SparklesandFlowers Wed 19-Jun-19 20:18:01

As pp have said, you're employed as a teacher so can be directed to work anywhere needed.

@Mammyloveswine - at least you're allowed part-time. My request was refused completely.

Mammyloveswine Wed 19-Jun-19 20:12:56

I'm in a similar situation except I only received an email and haven't had chance to speak to my head.

Except I'm now expected to do floating interventions and serve dinner...I'm a ups teacher but back part time after maternity leave.

My new head clearly doesn't like part time staff..

Whynotnowbaby Sat 15-Jun-19 00:25:21

Have you specifically asked if you can stay with the group you were expecting? Have you spoken to the other teacher? Does she want to move? If you both want to stay put it might be easier to approach the head together to discuss this.

amibeingawkward Sat 15-Jun-19 00:20:24

Thank you. She couldn't really give me a reason. And I don't think there is a solution. We are a very small school and there is no where else to put me anyway. I think she was just being polite by saying think about it.
It just seems silly as my specialism is the younger children and the current teacher's specialism is the older ones. So we are in the right places. I've no desire currently to develop professionally in different key stages as am already doing subject leadership. I can only think that she doesn't want that class again and I'm getting lumbered with them

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Whynotnowbaby Sat 15-Jun-19 00:11:27

Unfortunately you can be directed to teach any group your head sees fit to allocate you, however a good leader should be prepared to listen to your concerns and work with you to find a solution. What did the head say when you asked why you had been placed with this group? Make sure you emphasise your skills and experience with your previous yeargroup rather than your dislike of the class you’ve been given and I would keep the thoughts about extra marking and planning out of it too.

amibeingawkward Sat 15-Jun-19 00:03:58

Name changed for this.
Today I was told that I'm moving up to teach in a different year group in September. It will be a mixed class of my current year and the class I taught last year. When last year finished I couldn't wait to finish. I thought that's it I never have to deal with them again as I've done my stint with them. They are quite honestly the worst class I have taught in a long time, bar a few exceptions.

What's the deal in this situation? Can I be made to? I have never taught the curriculum at this age. I was looking forward to the challenge of next year who I thought I was having.

I know about professional development but it's not what I want right now. I have my own children that are young and I need to be with them in the evenings. Not doubling my work load with marking, assessment and learning a whole new curriculum.
I feel the HT has left it this late so I can't refuse as there's no opportunity to look for other posts. 5 weeks til end of term.
I need to make a decision fast but I don't think there is one to be made. What if I say no?

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