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TLR post advertised on lower pay

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Whatelsecouldibecalled Sat 08-Jun-19 00:07:02

TLR position is being advertised internally. It’s on a lower TLR band than before by a nearly half for the same role and same responsibilities. Is this standard practise now? Can you advertised a new pay band without changing the roles or responsibilities?

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Foxyloxy1plus1 Sun 09-Jun-19 12:30:31

Presumably, the lower pay reflects what the school can afford.

LolaSmiles Wed 12-Jun-19 19:17:07

It sounds fairly standard. The school will pay what they can afford and what they think they can get away with.

One of my old TLR posts was never replaced when I left but I found out from friends that it was carved up into small areas and sold to 3rd year teachers as a perfect project to give them experience for when they start looking for promotion. TLR saved and most of the job was done.

StrongerThanIThought76 Sat 15-Jun-19 20:36:19

We have heads of year on 3 different salary scales, the most recently appointed on just over half of the more long term staff.

EXACTLY the same job, with different titles. Sickening.

tinytemper66 Sat 15-Jun-19 20:55:24

I have a TLR which is more than double that being currently offered for 2 posts the same as mine in my school.

Farcry66 Sun 07-Jul-19 22:16:56

That's exactly what we do at my school now as well. Means that in my faculty the heads of subjects are on different amounts. Although I think we are looking at reducing all Tlrs but for those in post we have 3 years protection on what we are paid.

DrMadelineMaxwell Sun 07-Jul-19 22:22:55

Our school always, always offers the lowest TLR rate it can afford to for each band.
But, when I covered the duties of the deputy's first maternity leave, I was given a TLR2. When she went off again (different headteacher) I was only given a TLR3 and I had to argue my case for being given the same TLR again.

Since then, I've taken on different responsibilities and rightly been given a TLR3, which is usually for a fixed one year role with a defined purpose. The head is talking about giving me more responsibility with my role, inc being a nominal head of a couple of year groups and has mentioned the need to 'revisit the TLR level' but I shall see what Sept brings in terms of whether that happens or whether I shall be expected to take it on for the £500 a year it brings rather than £2.5k.

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