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End of term thank you - is this a terrible idea?

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vivariumvivariumsvivaria Wed 05-Jun-19 22:58:11

My DS's teacher has been really outstanding at helping him navigate his way through a tricky family illness situation. He'd like to get her a present for the end of term, which is lovely and to be encouraged.

He says she gets annoyed because her sharpeners go missing - so he wants to get her a year's supply of sharpeners for next year.

I totally understand there are budget cuts and this might be a really great thing - but, is it a bit shit?

I'd pad it out with a bottle of wine, I'm not a monster.

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HennyPennyHorror Wed 05-Jun-19 23:00:26

I think it's funny AND useful. Wouldn't she be better with one of those electric sharpeners that bolt to the desk though?

Whitelisbon Wed 05-Jun-19 23:07:00

I think it's fab, and would be appreciated more than yet another best teacher mug.
I'd get an electric one though, I got a ish powered one for about £10 on Amazon the other week, and it's fab.

SavoyCabbage Wed 05-Jun-19 23:08:21

It’s a great idea!

vivariumvivariumsvivaria Wed 05-Jun-19 23:09:56

Brilliant, and the bonus is it won't get lost/pinched.

She's been really lovely. I'll write a letter to her boss as well to say what a difference she made.

Am ordering one now, thank you.

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ClarkeMurphy Wed 05-Jun-19 23:20:04

It's perfect cos it's his idea. If she's even half as awesome as you say, that's what she will care about. Get him to pick a thank you card and write his explanation in it.

XenakisCarter Wed 05-Jun-19 23:29:02

I am a teacher and one of my pupils gave me a battery-operated sharpener a few years ago. Best present ever. I promise - you’ll go down in staffroom history.

maddy68 Wed 05-Jun-19 23:40:36

Honestly get her something personal a lovely handwritten card with maybe a nice bracelet (doesn't have to be expensive) or a scarf something for her

RemusLupinsBiggestGroupie Wed 05-Jun-19 23:46:11

Electric sharpener is a brilliant idea.

wibbletooth Wed 05-Jun-19 23:59:00

Last year wanted to get some whiteboard pens for his teacher because there were never enough and the few that were left were drying out, so that’s what I got her. He wrote a card explains his choice and she was really touched that he had noticed and wanted to help her.

So I’d say yes, definitely go for it. If you go for an electric one, I would look at the space available and see if you get get a smal decal to put on it with her name - and do it for her - soother people will know it is hers too!

wasgoingmadinthecountry Thu 06-Jun-19 00:07:22

Lovely idea!

I'm a teacher. Love ideas that come from the children.

TyneTeas Thu 06-Jun-19 00:11:41

Are you sure a kestrel wouldn't be a better choice? grin

PantsyMcPantsface Thu 06-Jun-19 12:54:24

It's a lovely idea - and I still bear a minor grudge against the child who fed my beloved electric sharpener an unfolded paperclip back in 2003 and broke it - which says a lot about how fab an invention they were!

wonderpants Thu 06-Jun-19 14:30:57

Ha ha oh god, I hope it isn't one of mine- I have daily pencil sharpener rants!
However, I do have a supply that I can replenish from- I don't buy my own. It is just the principle that they drop them in the bin and can't be bothered to get it back out!

tootssweet Thu 06-Jun-19 14:36:59

I love this - it just shows how thoughtful your ds is. We also nominated my ds's teachers for a thank you from Pearson who run the National Teaching Awards. They sent a card to school that goes via the Head so that their good work doesn't go unnoticed. I hope my link works🤞

TurnTheRadioUp Thu 06-Jun-19 16:22:28

I'd be really touched with that gift. You've got a really caring DS there.

PantsyMcPantsface Thu 06-Jun-19 18:47:53

School I worked at once had the school council do an audit of all the contents of the classroom waste paper bins on one day as a recycling push and I think they found about 7 sharpeners in there! Results announced in assembly to a very irate Head!

JustTheCrowsAndTheBeef Thu 06-Jun-19 21:12:47

maybe a nice bracelet (doesn't have to be expensive) or a scarf something for her

I’m sorry, but don’t do this. An electrical sharpener is inspired - a useful little thing that she will use every day. Joyous.

veryboredtoday Thu 06-Jun-19 21:26:39

I would love an electric sharpener. Perfect teacher present x

user123454321 Fri 07-Jun-19 07:31:21

My school has sent a begging letter to parents due to budget cuts. We'd be delighted with pencil sharpeners / glue sticks / whiteboard pens etc!

vivariumvivariumsvivaria Fri 07-Jun-19 10:32:37

It's arrived. He's beside himself, keeps giggling about how pleased she'll be. He's set about making a card for her.

Thanks for the kind words about my kid. He is a wee smasher. I'm aiming to not totally screw that up.

Also, thank you for what you do as teachers, you get a tough ride on here sometimes. My experience has been great, and this particular teacher just keeping a wee eye on our boy and doing small things for him and us has made life considerably easier this year.


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MidniteScribbler Sat 08-Jun-19 03:34:42

It's a great gift. I had a parent walk in a couple of years ago with six big tubs of whiteboard markers (her husband worked for a stationery company) and asked if I wanted them. She is still my hero to this day!

TreadingThePrimrosePath Sat 08-Jun-19 04:58:02

Madly, are you a teacher?
It’s a great idea OP!
I’ve been given scarves I never wear and coffee I don’t drink. But pencil sharpeners, post it notes and pens are always used and appreciated.

TreadingThePrimrosePath Sat 08-Jun-19 04:59:05

Autocorrect, sorry maddy68.

IAmAlwaysLikeThis Sat 08-Jun-19 05:14:06

As a teacher, this would make me smile and maybe cry a little. Children noticing and caring about our little daily struggles is so touching.

I have put so many scarves and bracelets and gift sets to the charity shop. Stationery? Never.

What a great idea from your son, he sounds like a very thoughtful child.

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