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Callling all secondary teachers on Wales - New curriculum

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sakura06 Thu 06-Jun-19 21:06:20

I'm not teaching in Wales, but I'm really worried about the new curriculum for a myriad of reasons: undermining my subject; jeopardising Welsh medium education for the lumping together of 'languages' and ignoring the vital importance of immersion in early years; making academic students from Wales less competitive with their counterparts in the rest of the UK; whether it's been properly researched or is mostly on the advice of one academic (Donaldson); lack of planning and support for teachers implementing the new areas...

I had planned to move home to Wales just before my eldest goes to secondary, but now I probably won't.

WelshMoth Wed 05-Jun-19 22:42:35

Thanks betty. I think we're in the same position.

I suspect SLT are feeling the same since we have to make lots of notes in preparation for our meeting to discuss this document. I think they want need to have our take on it.

I'm having trouble seeing balance between the proposed assessment of each core principle and the actual GCSE syllabus of the subject I teach.

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bettyboo40 Wed 05-Jun-19 19:29:46

No real help I'm afraid, but I'm interested in any replies you may have. My area of learning will be 'humanities'. Nobody has a clue. My colleague who is SLT went on a course today and apparently things got quite heated, because nobody knows how anything will be assessed etc. I'm going on a course about it next week, and there are free courses for all the areas of learning so it may be worth having a look to see if your consortium are running any.

WelshMoth Wed 05-Jun-19 16:50:56

Desperate bump

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WelshMoth Wed 05-Jun-19 10:35:41

Have any of you read the draft curriculum for Wales 2022? The Languages, Literacy and Communication document? It's frying my brain. I have to feedback to SLT how it relates to my teaching and what my thoughts / ideas/ observations- how we could work with English dept.

Have any of you read this?

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