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Maths teachers, Ideas needed for reporting home to parents

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Teachermaths Sun 19-May-19 20:45:44

School is moving away from reporting GCSE grades to parents (Yay). However we're struggling to find something meaningful for Maths.

SLT want approximately 3 "strands" which we will describe students as emerging, expected, exceeding and mastered. These strands/statements will be the same for the whole of a year group. For example History is "identify facts from a source", "describe historical events" and another thing I've forgotten!

This is hard for Maths. Anyone have any creative ideas, or seen anything used in a schools that might help?

NC as possibly outing.

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noblegiraffe Sun 19-May-19 23:11:36

Oh bloody hell what SLT want is bullshit. There are no ‘expected’ standards for year groups so how exactly are you supposed to measure and report this?

The three assessment objectives for GCSE are
A01 Use and apply standard techniques
A02 Reason, interpret and communicate mathematically
A03 Solve problems within maths and in other contexts

(See page 25-27 )

You’d be better off with GCSE grades tbh and I don’t say that lightly.

Even better would be just reporting exam result in context (e.g. top mark, class average and set).

Teachermaths Mon 20-May-19 07:24:13

Noble I 100% agree with you regarding exam result and class rank. I want this as a solution but SLT say no.

I'm glad gcse grades are going as they are bullshit but so will this system be too.

Might be time to get my forceful boots on and push for the score and class rank.

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noblegiraffe Mon 20-May-19 09:38:30

If you’ve got the power to do that, then I’d really be pushing.

Given that maths is setted you’d be basically giving top set mastered, set 2 exceeding, set 3 expected and set 4 emerging. Year after year. What will that be telling parents? Has the top of top set kid slid a little? No idea.

Teachermaths Mon 20-May-19 10:02:19

I haven't got thr power really. But I will be raising the point.

And yes that's basically the conclusion we came to, progress would be so limited.

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TeenTimesTwo Mon 20-May-19 14:51:05

As a parent I would far rather have exam mark, and comparisons to set than made up emerging/exceeding rubbish. For science too.
(I still like teacher's best guess vaguely on track for GCSE range too though.)

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